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In this ever changing and fast growing world of modernization and innovations through various discoveries and breakthroughs, great influences and impact are made to human race. Opinions, perceptions, behaviors and attitudes of every individual differ among implied and evident factors. Institutions that comprise society of today play a notable role in the entirety of everyone. With a wide range starting from political institution to religious institution and educational institution, the latter manifests remarkable responsibility in the growth and wholly development of young people. Young people of today, to name specifically, are the teenagers, most especially students of generation nowadays, are in a complexity and diverse behavior in gaining and having focus and motivation with both academic and non-academic activities set by identified educational institutions.

Extracurricular activities are seen as a way of offering academically gifted students a way of excelling within the school environment, a way of challenged students to achieve within the school setting, and as a way of creating a sense of shared community within schools, and as a way of offering academically gifted students a way of excelling within the school environment, a way for academically challenged students to achieve within the school, and as a way of creating a sense of shared community within schools. The positive impact that “extracurricular” activities can have on a school’s academic mission is sometimes emphasized by use of the term “co-curricular” to describe nonacademic school-based activities (e.g., Hovet & Vinton, 1993; Kezar & Moriarty,2000; Wren, 1997), although the term “co-curricular” is sometimes limited to activities outside of the classroom explicitly designed to complement student learning.

This study aims to identify the level of participation of students of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod (CSA-B) from College of Accountancy, Business Education and Computer Studies (CABECS) Department during non-academic activities for the year 2012 from one (1) as, two (2), three (3), four (4) and five (5). The involvement of students in non-academic activities has been apparently noticeable onset of the school year. Students grouped as a whole and by year level, organization, course and gender level have distinctive degree of participation and respond to various extra co-curricular activities of CSA-B, CABECS department in particular. The study intends to ascertain the level of participation and as well to explain through interpretation of the results of survey that will be conducted and will be taken part by CABECS students from first (1st) to fourth (4th) year.

The results will be used by authority, especially faculty members and Student Government of the said department to build up and develop conducive and fun-filled relationship and environment that support advancement and improvement of both the department and the student body integrated with the core values of CSA-B – Caritas for Charity, Unitas for Unity and Veritas for Virtue. As well, this study aims to organize more activities that will bring out the best in every student and to utilize the facilities intended by the institution and to propose more non-academic activities that will demonstrate and exhibit the true Augustinian identity.

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