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Introduction of TOPIC

Do you believe it is ever appropriate to direct a couple in counseling, or do you see counseling as a process of facilitating the unique personal goals of a client? For instance, when it comes to financial counseling with a premarital couple, do you tell them how to manage finances the “right” way, or do you approach this in another manner?

I believe in counseling there is an appropriate time to direct counselee’s, but it only comes as Spirit directed. I do not believe people are made to not be able to walk through their storms, but I believe that there is a place where people do not make time to facilitate their own breakthroughs. It is thoroughly important to take care of the emotions of the couple in order to make sure they stay on track as well as make sure they can cooperate together. It is important to make sure that your couple is on track, by directing them without control.

Allow them to work through their issues in and outside your presence by opening up the doors to the communication needed to progress. When it comes to financial counseling I believe everything has it’s perfect timing. Just like in regular life, how parents and maybe older siblings try and tell you what to do by making sure you follow some type of protocol that they may deem important, instead of making sure you’re going down the path you personally are supposed to. Directions inquires leadership, but leadership needs wisdom at the most pivotal points in a marriage or money counseling session. Overall, God is the leader which is needed to facilitate the counselor and counselee.

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