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Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability Ka Wai Wong # 140415 1. Develop Policy 2. Summary 3. Practice models 4. Three options 5. The policy options and decides 6. Sustainability policy 7. The draft policy and gain approval 8. Update draft policy 9. Legislation 10. Conclusion 11. Reference

Tiny Opera Company in the small town from Sydney at late 1970’s Colleen wants to bring The wonder and entertainment of theatre-based performances to rural NSW. The vision to create a regional theare that emulated the Sydney Opera House via making theatre both Accessible and valued in her town and the surrounding community . and stella’s idea was Shared by landowner who donated $2.3 million to support ongoing operation of the theatre. Ten years ago, Tiny Opera company built a small office building to serve the growing full time staff. And this year, they have added a position for a new environment officer, so I have been chosen as the new job. And they want me to degustation the policy following by the next. Practice models

First off, we are talking about a practice model to complete sustainability framework . Strategic planning has to become a systematic and procedural affair to become an effective Management tool. We have to model the very process of strategic management for our organisations, And our selves first. So that it becomes one plan for all to use and identify with, with one set of rules, played and followed by all. This brings about perfection and unity of effort. Where we have diverged strategic models of design in one habitat, we end up with diverging effort, and over utilisation of resources conflicting efforts very little else delivers like unity of effort by: Environment

1. Economy environmental
Resource efficiency
Sustainable products
Green purchasing
Lifecycle management
Environmental Stewardship
Clean air, water, and land
Lower pollution
Zero waste
Socio environment
Environmental justice
Environmental regulations
Climate change
Economy environmental
Return on investment
Shareholder value
Social progress
Human rights
Indigenous relations
Labour relations
Social economic
Fair pay and conditions
Family friendly workplaces
Honest staff communications

The Wast Hierarchy
Energy recovery

Develop three options
What are these best practices or business models we speak of? A business model or business practice or best practice is this’ 1. A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results 2. A best practice is a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has been proven to reliably lead to a desired result 3. A best practice is the recognized methods of methods of correctly running businesses or providing service 4. A business model is the plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make a profit from operations. 5. A business model is not something you build from the ground up. 6. A business model is a document describing the operations of a business including the components of the business the functions and design. Best practices could be seen as the tactics and model as the strategy of the business Tactics: Are how do things we planned with what we have in the time we have been given. Strategy: Is with what where when and how we want things done as well as who get to do it and how much will it cost. This requires structure and systems to merge both tactics and strategy with.

1. Summary 2. Implementation plan 3. Envirommental Sustainability Policy 4. Responsibility 5. Conclusion 6. Reference.
At this subject I will develop an implementation plan and monitoring strategy to meet Sydney house provide. It includes the review the Sydney opera house and completes a sustainability implementation plan. Develop a monitoring strategy and chosen and agin approval for action via using this implementation plan I will develop a presentation or training session for the employees. And use this session to improve resource resource efficiency at the Sydney opera house.

Organisational Structure
Food and beverage
House café and bar staff
Janitorial staff
Building maintenance
Gift Shop
Retail staff
Ticket sales staff
Administration staff
Payroll officers
Project team
External Contracted Staff
Electrical maintenance
Other bars and café
Artists in residence

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