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Managing knowledge,communication,information Essay Sample

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Managing knowledge,communication,information Essay Sample

LO1. Understand how to assess information and knowledge needs

1.1 discuss the range of decisions to be taken

1.2 examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective taking

1.3 assess internal and external sources of information and understanding

1.4 justify recommendations for improvement

LO2. Be able to create strategies to increase personal networking to widen involvement in the decision-making process

2.1 identify stakeholders for a decision-making process

2.2 make contact with those identified and develop business relationships

2.3 involve those identified in the decision-making as appropriate

2.4 design strategies for improvement

The purpose of this assignment:
In modern society, business relationships are becoming more and more important. Information, knowledge and personal networking are playing an important role in decision-making. Communications do not automatically take place effectively in organisations and that both information and work-based knowledge is often insufficient when decisions are made. This unit will let students know how to assess information and knowledge needs and to ensure the information and knowledge be taken effectively. Students also study to identify stakeholders and create strategies to communicate with stakeholders and involve them in the decision-making process.

Scenario :
Hefei Victory company is a manufacture of auto engine. It has 200 employees, and the annual revenue is 5 million yuan (RMB). The company is the second engine industry in Anhui area. Initially, the comany introduced modern project management methodologies, and new technologies. As the growing demand for the information, Victory company has decided to introduce a computerized management information system to improve the management. The introduction of the management information system will help the company analyze information resource, save manpower cost and improve management level. But Victory does not have employees with the knowledge of developing the management information systems. There are several approaches to settle this problem.

Victory can buy the management information system from other companies, but the disadvantage is it may not be able to meet the needs of the company and the price is very high. With the need of development, the company established good relations of cooperation with Hefei University of Technology. Hefei University of Technology can also develop the management information system for the company. Victory can also cooperate with other engine manufacturing companies, research and develop the management information system independently, but the main disadvantage is the process may be too long. As a Middle Manager, you understand the structure of the company and the management methods of Victory. You have just been appointed as a project director. Now you are mandated to submit an analyzing report on the strategy and provide effective and proactive solutions to the following tasks.

Task 1 (1.1,M3,D1)
Discuss the range of decisions to be taken by Victory Company.

Task 2 (1.2)
Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking.

Task 3 (1.3)
Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding you would use for this purpose.

Task 4 (1.4,D2)
Someone proposes we can invite experienced peers to participate in the design and implementation of the management information system. Other says we must train our own technician to maintain the system. Justify these recommendations for the improvement in the Decision Taking Process.

Task 5 (2.1)
Identify stakeholders for a decision-making process for new project.

Task 6 (2.2)
Make contact with those identified and develop business relationships.

Task 3 (2.3,M2)
Involve those identified in the decision-making as appropriate.

Task 4 (2.4,M1,D3)
Design strategies for improvement in the overall Performance of the project.
Assessment Decision

1.1 discuss the range of decisions to be taken.
Give reasons why you pick up these decisions and what’s it based on.

1.2 examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taken. Use appropriate methods and examine the criteria.

1.3 assess internal and external sources of information and understanding. Define internal and external sources for the purpose and use appropriate methods for your assessment.

1.4 justify recommendations for improvement. Justify recommendations in decision-making process and what aspect the recommendation will be effective.

2.1 identify stakeholders for a decision-making process. List the internal and external stakeholders of the decision-making process.

2.2 make contact with those identified and develop business relationships. Describe the way to contact with those identified and choices for contact.

2.3 involve those identified in the decision making as appropriate. Use matrix to analysis each stakeholder’s interest, influence and importance and what stage in decision-making process will the stakeholders be involved.

2.4 design strategies for improvement. Explain your strategies for the improvement of making contact.

Grading Assessment
M1: Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions applied.

Report: Answers reflect that effective judgments have been made about the specific content and the information. The answers show that an effective approach to study and research has been applied within the scenario e.g. comparing features, theories and models comparison etc.

M2: Select / design and apply appropriate methods/techniques.
Report: An accurate standard method has been used in defining information sources is well justified and summarized.

M3: Present and communicate appropriate findings.
Report/Diagrams/Tables: An accurate standard for presenting information has been used in terms of diagrams, charts, tables.

D1: Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions. Proper evaluation and justification shown in all the answers and relevant conclusions have been arrived at thorough synthesis of ideas.

D2: Take responsibility for managing and organising activities Independence – Tasks have been attempted with minimal assistance provided by the lecturer

D3: Effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts Report: Ideas have been generated and proper evaluation and decisions taken based on facts gathered within the scenario.


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