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Mask: Masks and Following Questions Briefly Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

A mask is a ‘false face’. It can have several functions. First, it is used to hide the identity of the person wearing it. Criminals often wear it for this reason. Masks may also be worn for having fun. At one time, masked balls were very popular in Europe. People who attended these dances wore masks and only removed them at the end of the night. Another function is to change the wearer into another person or being. This is based on the old belief in some cultures that the person wearing the mask can change into the character of the mask as there are spirits in all living and non-living matter and these are contained within a mask made of such matter. Masks are also important in many different kinds of dance and theatre. The audience recognizes the characters played by the actor by identifying the masks they wear. (149 words)

2.1. Answer the following questions briefly
(a) Why does the author call a mask ‘a false face’? (1)
(b) Why do criminals wear masks? (1)
(c) What was the use of masks in masked balls? (1)
(d) For how long did people attending masked balls keep their masks on? (1) (e) What is the ancient belief associated with masks? (1)
(f) How can masks be useful to stage actors? (1)
a) it hides the face of the wearer/ it is worn over the face. b) to hide their identity
c) for having fun without disclosing identity. (½ +½)
d) the whole night.
e) the person wearing the mask can change into the character of the mask f) The audience recognizes the characters played by the actor by identifying the masks they wear

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