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Matrix Essays


The Matrix and Religion

In 1999, box office sales sky rocketed when the film ? ”The Matrix’ was released. Filled with jaw dropping special effects and innovative kung-fu, the first film of ? ”The Matrix’ trilogy was a must see for just about every

The application of Eigenvalue and Eigenvector

Matrix is an array of numbers, symbols or expressions arranged in rows and columns.Matrix theory is the branch of mathematics that is widely applied in the field of Electrical Engineering. Eigen value and Eigen vectors; part of matrices have the

The Matrix

The opening sequence of the matrix immediately introduces us to a computer with a bright green flashing cursor, the camera remains still as if to be a computer screen, and then lots of numbers, letters and symbols scroll down the

Matrix: The Quest Of Reality

Matrix is a mixture of complex science fiction story incorporating mythology, computer science, philosophy and several religious themes from Hinduism, Gnosticism, Buddhism and Christianity. The story raises certain moral and philosophical questions, such as the nature of reality. How would

The Movie ''Matrix''

            The movie entitled Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves, presented a very revolutionary idea that intelligent machines in the future imprison human beings in their dream state. Through the dream state virtual reality, the energy developed by the human body is

Robot Geometry

Co-ordinate Frames Robotic kinematics depends on the use of right handed cartesian frames of reference. Manipulator Geometry A manipulator consists of two types of joints, connected by a link. Link A link is a solid mechanical structure which connects two

Hydrogel dressing in comparison with hydrocolloid

Wound repair may be divided into three overlapping phases, namely the inflammation granulation, and the matrix formation and re-modelling phases. In the inflammation phase, macrophages participate in the cleansing of the wound and are also responsible for initiating angiogenesis and

Matrices Used In Computer Graphics

Every one of us uses matrices nearly everyday in our lives and probably unaware of it. Matrices are commonly used in computers for their 3D graphics. Most of the matrices that are used are either 3×3 or 4×4 matrices and

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