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Upon careful review of Court Calendar Notebook decisions regarding the state’s civil rights issues have been reached. Below are my final decisions, as well as justifications for each.

1. Construction Lawsuits: In order to avoid construction lawsuits the recommendation is as follows: increase in minority firms applying for these contracts and it is acceptable for cities to engage in outreach programs to minority-owned firms. It is unlawful for cities and states to give preference to minority-owned firms in the awarding of contracts. 2. Curfew Issue: Enforced. The Supreme Courts have ruled in favor of curfew for minors. 3. HIV Infected Janitors: HIV/AIDS educational programs will be implemented. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone because he/she is HIV positive. As long as the infected person is capable of performing the required duties for the job, firing him or her would be illegal and unconstitutional. 4. Diverse Workforce: Establishing tables and goals to increase minority representation in the workplace is the best solution to achieving a more diverse workforce for the city.

5. Public Toilets: Wheelchair accessible toilets are required in all city buildings. Failure to do so can result in lawsuits for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Act prohibits discrimination against the disabled in public accommodations and facilities, including public toilets. 6. Sexual Harassment Claim: Courts conclude that sexual harassment does not have to involve physical contact. The individual accused of sexual harassment will be reprimanded. 7. Mandatory Retirement: As firefighters get older, they are less able to carry on their work. Tampa’s mandatory retirement age for firefighters is legal and no changes will be made at this time.

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