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Memorial Hospital Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Ans 1) Memorial Hospital is facing demand and supply issue. Memorial hospital is looking for plan of a staff which can accommodate fluctuation in the staff availability. I believe the strategies which Darlene Fry can look for are Chase and Mixed strategy which can not only minimize cost but also increase the customer service and reduce the staffing fluctuation. Memorial Hospital can look for Chase and Mixed Strategy. Chase Strategy. In this strategy Fry can easily manage the laying off and hiring the employees so that Memorial hospital can manage workforce fluctuation and supply and demand situation. As this strategy doesn’t require any inventory investment, under time and overtime. Disadvantage of this strategy is th

at, continuous change in the workforce can lead to adjustment issue which might lead to more expense

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issue for the Memorial Hospital.

Mixed Strategy: Mixed strategy on other hand which consider full range of the workforce. In this strategy thing are more open for all the situation which keeps part-time workers, subcontractors, stock outs. This strategy uses optimum level of staff which can fulfil the needs in peak and slow time of hospital. Thus it will maximize the customer satisfaction.

I believe mixed strategy would be best for the Memorial hospital with this situation keeping in mind of Minimizing cost and maximizing the customer service.

Ans2) I believe if Fry can you Gantt Charts to schedule its staff. Since the same situation was there in my organization where I was working before. My manager used Gantt chart method to streamline all the fluctuation in the workforces to manage the availability and maximizing the customer satisfaction. Other way is to sequence the workforce on the priority basis. First come first serve basis. This method of scheduling the job gives the customer satisfaction can utilize the resource fully. Earliest due date is the other method in which Fry can schedule its workforce which can priorities. The job or customer with earliest requirement need.

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