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Third Journal As I read through Edward Said’s “Orientalism,” it became clear that like everyone else, the West also had many prejudices and preconceived notions about people from the other side. It’s important to realize that Edward Said will be regarded as one of the most respected thinkers and cultural critics of our time. I have yet to finish his book but many of Said’s ideas are very clear even before finish his book. According to Mr. Said, differences should be respected and understood without coercion and/or duress. We must try our best towards achieving a good and reasonable understanding of other cultures and people from across various backgrounds.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in what is present­day Haiti, he was greeted by the native people who had brought all sorts of gifts and goods to trade, in addition to food for the crew and the captain onboard Santa Maria and other ships. This gesture of kindness however was soon to have been punished severely. The natives were captured and taken as slaves aboard Columbus’ ships. Christopher Columbus’ insatiable lust and appetite for gold and its conquest caused much bloodshed and resulted in many massacres. The pillaging and plundering of native lands and its people has been much overlooked by the mainstream historians who end up being studied by the public education systems across the United States.

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