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Mobile Phone Essay Sample

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Mobile Phone Essay Sample

With the speedy advancement of the technology level, human beings are now being brought to an unprecedented era they have ever experienced. And mobile telephone, emerged as one of the most popular invention, seems to be an indispensable device that we cannot live without it. But while we are being attracted by such fashionable technology, are we also aware of its negative side? ,could mobile phones be an invasion of people’s privacy? Any phone is an invasion of privacy, in the way that it rings. The constant ringing demands immediate attention until it is answered. It attracts your attention when ringing and disturbs you from what you were doing, for example, when you are having a meeting and everyone is paying attention to the speaker, your mobile phone suddenly rings louder and louder. The meeting must be interrupted and you will be so embarrassed with others. Having a mobile phone switched on, leaves you open, to be disturbed wherever you are. It is clear that mobile phones are an invasion of privacy as they can be hacked, giving criminals access to your data which increasingly is coming to contain financial access data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and etc.

It is also possible for criminals to “clone” phones, or for them to steal your phone and modify the chip, allowing your details to be used outside your network area. Hackers are now seeing these devices as a new way of making money, a new way of getting data about people. The cell phone hacker can even access your camera phone and speaker, to keep track of your every move. Mobile phone Spying is an invasion of privacy too. With these eavesdropping devices, anyone, anywhere, at any time can spy on text messages or even record cell phone conversations of another person without the owner of the cell phone ever being aware. Virtually anyone with access to these eavesdropping devices can tap into your phone in a matter of seconds and be privy to all your personal information, or live conversations. The latest phone models come with satellite positioning software that can reveal the owner’s location. They allow owners to surf the web, send emails, use networking sites and shop. Records of website visits, messages, phone calls and even real-life locations visited, can be stored by a mobile phone company.

Combining data from several applications allows mobile phone companies to know what each customer is doing 24 hours of the day. So we can see from these examples, that mobile phones are an invasion of people’s privacy. But of course, from other side, mobile phones have advantages too. We use mobile phones to communicate with each other, we can talk to a person on the other side of the world any time; mobile phones have a large number of functions and applications such as camera- you can take pictures and record videos of high definition, music player -you can listen to music anytime, anywhere; hundreds of games you can play when you are bored; Internet access -the world opens to you if you have a mobile with this function: you can download music, games, videos, pictures. If you have an emergency and you are in the middle of nowhere but you have a mobile phone, you can be rescued within minutes or hours. This is a big advantage because even if you do not have signal to call, the 911 call has signal almost everywhere. They are an useful thing and many people may say they could not imagine a world without mobile phones.

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