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Music History Essay Sample

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Music History Essay Sample

Which instrument looks like a snake Serpent. Which instrument is played by winding a crank The Hurdy-Gurdy. Which instrument is a loud reed-cap instrument with a double reed The Rauschpfeife. Which instrument has been called the most versatile of Renaissance wind instruments The Zink. Which instrument was an instrument used by priests in Biblical times The Shofar. Which instrument uses an animal bladder The Bladder Pipe Which instrument uses strings and was used in ancient times The Harp Which instrument uses a bow and originated in Asia The Rebec Choose five instruments that you havent heard about before or that you want to know more about. Read the article for these five instruments and answer the following questions.What is the instrument 1.Organetto .Sacbut 3.Bladder Pipe Serpent Shofar b.Describe the instrument. What does it look like What does it sound like 1. It looks like a mini organ, it sounds like a high pitch organ, almost like a flute. It looks like a trombone, it sounds similar to a trombone, only a little higher pitched. 3. It looks like a clarinet, just with a bladder on the top, it sounds like a bagpipe.  It looks like a long curvy pipe and it almost sounds like a tuba. 5. It just looks like a basic horn, but it sounds similar to a trumpet out of tune.

How is the instrument played Was it used in particular types of music 1. Using hands, similar to regular organ. 2. Played like a trombone. 3. Played similar to a clarinet. 4. Played by just blowing in the mouth piece and covering the holes for different sounds. 5. Played by just blowing in the mouth piece and covering the holes for different sounds. 3.Listen to the sound clip for each instrument. Which instruments sound do you like the best Why How would you describe the sound (For example, it is a warm or cool tone What color does the sound remind you of Does the instrument sound like anything in nature or another instrument Etc.) I liked the sound of the organetto the best, it sounded very cool, and relaxing, almost like a flute but with a cross between a high pitched organ, it didnt really sound like anything in nature. 4.Write at least two paragraphs comparing and contrasting the instruments of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to those commonly used today When comparing instruments to ones in the past, to ones today, there are many differences. A major factor is the electricity. In this time period, there was none, so all music that was made, was made by using your own body, using all your on skills and no help from outside

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