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Mutual Agreement Purposal Essay Sample

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Mutual Agreement Purposal Essay Sample

If I could change the world I would make every country more independent and isolated. Almost all of the countries today depend on others for goods and financial support. For example, the United States depends greatly on China for our goods and other resources. The foreign policy that the United States has isn’t the most efficient that we could get it as a country.

To make the world more independent countries would have to band together. Also the United Nations, NATO, NAFTA, WTO, and the Red Cross would have to be willing to try something new and difficult. The United States would have to be the country that would start a chain reaction throughout other countries.

In order for the United States to cause a chain reaction we would have to persuade allies and begin talking to the UN, NATO, NAFTA, WTO, and the Red Cross. Many country leaders and government officials would also need to be involved to reach an agreement.

This proposal is going to be difficult, but it will benefit, not only the United States, but a great deal of other countries also. Becoming isolated would prove to be very beneficial. For example, if countries stay isolated and only reach out for support in great times of need, it would decrease the amount of unemployment due to the new need of more workers to accomplish the job. Also, the United States’ national debt would begin to go down as the years progress because we wouldn’t be needing to borrow money or goods from other countries.

This plan will be a difficult one, but not so difficult it cannot be completed in a reasonable amount of time. The timeline for this would be five years of nonstop persuasion, development, and determination. There will always be incorporative countries, but the countries that do cooperate will benefit greatly.

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