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As a person gets older, he becomes more serious and busier. If I compare my life now and five years ago, I would find some differences in my life style and my daily expenses, at the same time the similarity of being busy with study as now. Five years ago I was studying in the last stage of a specialized school, and I was planning to continue my study at any near academic lyceum. So, I concentrated on revising school subjects, and I did all home tasks on time as I do now. Interestingly, I spend the same period of time for doing homework-four hours in a day, as in five years ago. These factors can be similarities in comparing my lives. My previous life style was completely different from the current one. After classes I used to go to some entertaining places with my friends like: playing football in stadiums, game clubs etc. Sometimes I just wasted my time in front of TV. In holidays, I would go to sightseeing sites like rivers, mountains. We enjoyed nature’s beauty. Every day passed interestingly. Without any doubt, I can say those days were golden days of my life. On the contrary, nowadays I try to spend each day wisely. I make plan of my daily routine, and sometimes it seems that I followed a specific procedure of every week. More entertaining time lasts in my university. After classes, I go to my job, and this also requires responsibility and special preparation.

The main difference is that I cannot spend my whole day just for nothing or for relaxing. Another distinction is my daily expenses. In my school days, I didn’t care about money that I spent. My three brothers and my parents made money for supplying our family. Since I lived with my parents I used money for only my clothes and my stationery materials such as books, notebooks, pencils and pens etc. However, my modern life requires much money and earns it in a paralleling way. Rental payment, tuition fee as well as transportation, food and other daily costs all make up a big fortune. It is not easy to study in a big city. Though my parents help by financial side, I try to cover a few of my expenses by working in part time jobs. Life is going like a river. It is on your hand to make your lifetime interesting or difficult. The most important is that, we should appreciate every minute of our lives. Life is good!

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