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How could the federal government have made the Dawes Act more successful? by refusing to allow Native Americans to assimilate
by making it illegal for Native Americans to sell their land to speculators by providing larger land parcels so the Native Americans could grow more crops by using land speculators as brokers between the government and Native Americans Points earned on this question: 5

Question 3 (Worth 5 points)
What was the goal of the Dawes Act?
provide funding for “Indian schools”
assimilate Native Americans into the dominant culture
force Native Americans out of Georgia into western lands
provide Native Americans with protected land in reservations Points earned on this question: 0

Which government intervention would most likely cause problems for inhabitants of the region marked ‘Indian Territory”? Homestead Act
Battle of Sand Creek
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Dawes Act
Points earned on this question: 5

What can you predict about settlement patterns in the period after this map? – The reservations will move westward.
The reservations will move eastward.
– New settlers will take land nearby the reservations.

New settlers will bypass the reservations and take land further west. Points earned on this question: 0

Question 1 (Worth 5 points)
Excerpt from the Dawes Act SEC. 10.

That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed to affect the right and power of Congress to grant the right of way through any lands granted to an Indian, or a tribe of Indians, for railroads or other highways, or telegraph lines, for the public use, or condemn such lands to public uses, upon making just compensation.


What conclusion can be drawn from this excerpt?
Native Americans were interested in linking their lands to other regions. The federal government planned improvements to Native American lands. The federal government maintained some power over Native American land. Native American ownership of the land could not be refuted under any circumstance. Points earned on this question: 5

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