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Never Give Up Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Clausthal University of Technology charges a fee of €40 for processing foreign certificates. Foreign applicants must remit this amount before submitting their application. Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia only pay a fee of €20 upon presentation of the APS certificate. The following applicants are exempt from payment: 1. Applicants from EU countries 2. Students participating in the Erasmus programme 3. Students participating in a cooperation programme 4. Students obtaining a scholarship from public funds, e.g. from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD 5. Students who successfully completed preparatory courses for foreign students (Studienkolleg) 6. Students changing university within Germany 7. PLD candidates 8. Applicants with an official notification from an education authority granting university entry qualification for a German university. Applicants for the master’s course Petroleum-Engineering please refer to the website of the institute directly.

How to pay the processing fee
Please remit the fee of €20 or €40, resp. to the following account: 1. Applicants with an account in Germany: TU Clausthal (IZC) Account No. 152 000 238 at NORD/LB Bank sorting code: 250 500 00 Please indicate the following designated use on the remittance slip: Cost Centre 3002 0350, first name, surname, date of birth 2. Applicants with an account abroad: (Please consider that there is an additional charge for the remittance) TU Clausthal (IZC) Account No. 152 000 238 at NORD/LB Bank sorting code: 250 500 00 IBAN: DE55250500000152000238 BIC: NOLADE2H Please indicate the following designated use on the remittance slip: Cost Centre 3002 0350, first name, surname, date of birth

Important: Please make sure that you enclose the transfer voucher with your application. Your application can only be processed after the money has arrived on the account of Clausthal University of Technology.

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