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To develop an Online Pre-Enrollment System of Access Computer College that can help Access students to make their enrollment easy, convenient and can access anytime anywhere.

Specific Objectives

This study has the following specific objectives:
1. To develop an online enrollment system for enrollment of Access Computer College 2. To minimized the paper works and manual record keeping of the students and to reduce the wasting time of the parents and students on registration process. 3. To create a user friendly Online Enrollment System for Enrollment that will use a database that stored all information about the students. 4. To have an online enrollment processing system that will benefit the students and the staff.


The study includes certain boundaries that the proponent considered in developing the system. This section reveals the number of areas the system has been confined and its specific delimitation. Student Information Page: This includes the names, addresses, and all other necessary information of the students. The systems create a primary key for every enrolled student through the student number. Schedule Page: This includes the catalog number and the descriptive title, and the pre-requisite of the subject. Also includes the units, section, time, days and room assign professor of the subject. Assessment Page: This includes the mode of payment and total amount paid by the students. The system has automatic computation for fees, balances, & other charges. Home Page: This includes the history of school, their mission, vision and academic calendar and school activities. However, there are some limitations, which are beyond the control of the proponent. Such as: The system does not include the payment procedure.

The system does not include the adding cancelling & dropping of subjects. The system will not allow those student who don’t have student number.

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