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One Word That Describes Me Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

What’s one word that describes you? That’s the question everyone has been asking me lately. Honestly, I have no idea. It’s not something that I can answer in one second, but is something that took me at least a day to finally decide. My family would’ve called me timid ages ago, however, now they would almost call me outgoing. My friends all say I’m comical and whimsical and people I meet when at my job would say I’m one of the most pleasant people they’ve met in a long time. I, myself, believe that one word to describe me is adventurous.

You may ask how or what are you talking about? Even my closest of friends questioned my choice. I, on the other hand, know exactly what I’m talking about. For the past few years I’ve done a kayaking trip through Girl Scouts. One year I kayaked the Chippewa Flowage. I had to adapt to that very quickly, from learning how to kayak, to being able to set up camp, and cook for myself. The next year I kayaked the Namekagon River. This past summer I kayaked the Apostle Islands. I’ve experienced many different

elements of kayaking: lakes, rivers, 3 foot waves, and island hopping. During my Apostle Island trip

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I had the opportunity to roll my kayak.

For those who don’t know what rolling is, it is where you flip your kayak over and continue to roll it back up so you come back up to where you began. What an experience! During my kayaking trips I got a chance to explore where we happened to be staying that night. I found old run-down school, a house, and even two old cars left on the island. I often got yelled at for going off on my own, because nobody wanted to come with me. My excuse to go explore was that I was out finding firewood and ended coming back with less than I should have for how long I was gone. I just loved finding things that were left behind by those who lived there before. If there was something in my way, I didn’t let it get the best of me. It’s what I’m into and what makes me who I am.

Even at my own home, I can be one adventurous girl. One day, out of the blue, I decided to take someone who’s never canoed before out canoeing for 2 hours. We had a blast and we even stopped to explore an island in the middle of the lake. One day I also went tubing down a river. Not everyone would do that on a whim. I even went on a short hike through the woods behind my house. Sometimes, I even ride my bike through trails only meant for hiking.

If you doubted me before, do you now? I didn’t think so. This is definitely not the only thing that makes me who I am today, but it is one main trait that does. You can be that colorful, animated person you are and I’ll be who I am; an adventurous girl that is adaptable in just about any situation.

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