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Operation Management Argumentative Essay Sample

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Operation Management Argumentative Essay Sample

1. The four decision areas in operations management are: A) Planning, technology, inventory, controlB) Process, quality, capacity, inventory C) Process, quality, technology, capacityD) None of these

2. Capacity decisions:
A) Include forecasting and schedulingB) Include inventory control
C) Require management of personnel
D) None of these
3. Inventory decisions and control systems involve:
A) Determining what to order, how much to order and when to order
B) Tracking the flow of materials
C) Managing the finished goods inventories D) All of these

4. The four major decision responsibilities of operations management are:
A) Process, quality, capacity, and human resources
B) Process, quality, human resources, and inventory
C) Quality, inventory, human resources, and capacity
D) Quality, capacity, inventory, and human resources
E) Process, capacity, quality, and inventory

5. Which of the following does not come under the process category of decision making?
A) Layout of the facilityB) Job design
C) The type of equipment and technology
D) Product or service inspection

6. The service industry makes up approximately what percentage of all jobs in the United States?A) 12% B) 40% C) 66% D) 79% E) 90% 7. Typical differences between goods and services do not include a. cost per unit b. ability to inventory items

c. timing of production and consumption d. customer interaction e. knowledge content 8. Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves each 8-hour shift. If the productivity is increased by 10%, it would then be a. 180 valves/hr b. 200 valves/hr c. 220 valves/hr

d. 880 valves/hr e. 1760 valves/hr
9. Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves per shift. If the production is increased to 2000 valves per shift, labor productivity will increase by a. 10% b. 20% c.
25% d. 40% e. 50%

10. The Dulac Box plant works two 8-hour shifts each day. In the past, 500 cypress packing boxes were produced by the end of each day. The use of new technology has enabled them to increase productivity by 30%. Productivity is now approximately a. 32.5 boxes/hrb. 40.6 boxes/hr

c. 62.5 boxes/hr d. 81.25 boxes/hr e. 300 boxes/hr 11. The Dulac Box plant produces 500 cypress packing boxes in two 10-hour shifts. Due to higher demand, they have decided to operate three 8-hour shifts instead. They are now able to produce 600 boxes per day. What has happened to production? a. It has increased by 50 sets/shift. b. It has increased by 37.5 sets/hr. c. It has increased by 20%. d. It has decreased by 8.3%. e. It has decreased by 9.1%.

12. Productivity measurement is complicated by:-
a. the competition’s output
b. the fact that precise units of measure are often unavailable
c. stable quality
d. the workforce size
e. the type of equipment used

13. Three commonly used productivity variables are:-
a. quality, external elements, and precise units of measure
b. labor, capital, and management
c. technology, raw materials, and labor
d. education, diet, and social overhead
e. quality, efficiency, and low cost
14. Among the ethical and social challenges facing operations managers are:- a. honoring financial commitments b. maintaining a clean environment c. developing low-cost products d. providing an efficient workplace e. all of the above

15. Which of the following would not be an operations function in a fast-food restaurant? a. advertising and promotion b. designing the layout of the facility c. maintaining equipment d. making hamburgers and fries

e. purchasing ingredients
16. Walter Shewhart is listed among the important people of operations management because of his contributions to:- a. assembly line production
b. measuring the productivity in the service sector
c. just-in-time inventory methods
d. statistical quality control
e. all of the above
17. Eli Whitney, in the _____, provided the foundations for ______ in operations management. a. 1920s; statistical sampling
b. United Kingdom; mass production
c. U.S. Army; logistics
d. nineteenth century; interchangeable parts
e. none of the above
18. The “Father of Scientific Management” is
a. Henry Ford b. Frederick W. Taylor
c. W. Edwards Deming d. Frank Gilbreth
e. just a figure of speech, not a reference to a person
19. Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to:-
a. standardization of parts b. statistical quality control c. assembly line operations d. scientific management
e. time and motion studies

20. Who among the following is associated with contributions to quality control in operations management?
a. Charles Babbage b. Henry Ford
c. Frank Gilbreth
d. W. Edwards Deming e. Henri Fayol

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