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I shall strive to be truthfull in my word and actions at all times. I will not purposefully deceive for purpose of personal gain. I may tell little white lies in situations where feelings my be hurt by telling the truth (ex. bad meal, new haircut looks awful..etc). I will not purposefully mislead others or profit from their ignorance. I will not purposefully cause harm to any other individual.

In a case of self defense, I will only use enough force to escape the situation. I will treat others the way I would like to be treated at all times. I will treat others with respect at all times.

I will not lie for personal gain.
I will actively listen, comfort and be a good friend to those who offer the same in return. I will treat others with respect at all times, regardless of situation and context. I will respect the ideas, lifestyles, religions, and ideals of others. I will respect their personal life choices and not judge other based on those decisions. I will not be malicious and gossip or talk being other’s backs. I will attempt to view situations objectively and not let biases influence my perspective. I will promote and demonstrate my ideals through my actions not through enforcing them on others. I will provide opinions, thoughts, comments, outlooks only when asked and provide them in a non-pushy maner. I will continuously work to improve myself and my wellbeing, be that mental, physical and emotional. I will maintain my physical, emotional, and mental well being through regular exercise, eating habits, and proper care of my body. I will work hard to achieve my goals and continuously move forward in life. I will never be satisfied with anything being less than my best effort. I will be grateful for every day.

I will view my life as a gift and be grateful for it and my circumstances each and every day. I will reflect each day on something I am grateful for. I will manage my time wisely by properly balancing school work, assignments and tests, part-time jobs, and free time. I will love and show how much I love and appreciate those in my life every day. I will ensure my friends know how important they are to me, and be a good friend. I will ensure my family know I love them by telling them, and more important, showing them every chance I get.

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