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* Personal Responsibility is a person that one is responsible for being overly concerned about their future. Accepting the consequences of the priories they set for themselves. This helps a person with a life time goal, short time goal, or to prepare for a future for the next generation. You must have a foundation in order to have a personal responsibility. We all grow as kids knowing what we want out of life and how we would love to change to reach success. Personal responsibility comes from what we need to do as people to get to where we want to go. A great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt said, “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility”. So to have personal responsibilities you need priories, a plan for the future and setting examples to become successful.

* Having priories and goals, and staying focus on what’s important in life are big steps in having personal responsibilities. Those responsibilities are what make it easy to plan for your future. Setting goals helps you get a step closer to achieve to success. Priories are to know what’s important to setting goals. Being organized about how you want your future to uphold. Like keeping focus on the short term goals on growing in life. Theirs step to growth. They always say, “You must crawl before you walk” and as a child you must take one step at a time to grow and become good at what you need to do next to become successful at the goal your trying to reach. Staying focus can be a hard responsibility for anyone. You have to know how to dodge the distractions around you and know that the decisions that you make are consequences you will have to answer to. Knowing that what you do in your life is a reflection on the next generation, rather it’s helping the community or your own person future.

These responsibilities go hand and hand with reaching your success in college. Going to college is a turning point in your life when set goals for your future. Personal responsibilities and college success relationship are like brother and sister. Being in college you must stay focus. You have to know that once you’ve reached a certain point that you’re only getting a step closer to being successful. Going to college is a personal responsibility telling yourself what you want for your future and what impact you have for your growth in the next generation. Studying Education I’ve learned that the more you learn you should want to educate the new begging. It’s like the circle of life. You have to learn the importance on how to be successful in order to reach success. College success is a goal you’ve reached to start that future you’ve always wanted. College is the responsibility we have to become successful for our future. * Going to College helps you plan for in your future. Many people go away for college to understand the responsibilities they will need to function in “The Real World”.

Those who do attend college go with short term goals and many life term goals. Although high school is a short term goal to the next level in life but college is a reasonability you need to accomplish to be successful for your future. Your future is a goal that you’ve dreamed as a child. It’s a responsibility that shows your character as a person. Your future tells where you’ve been and how you’ve made a difference from where you came from. A responsibility that a person have to concern to teach the next person that success is the only key to life. Your future holds what happens to the next generation after you. * The preliminary plan to practice personal responsibly in your education is setting examples for the next generation. We as people need to know that every generation is different, and reasons to that are the examples we set for each other. Rather its good examples or bad examples everyone learns from them.

Setting examples is a personal responsibility for not only you, but for others around you. Bandura social learning theory teaches us that people learn from one another by Observing, imitation, and modeling. The social theory also reflects off the cognitive and behaviorist theory. So by setting examples for the upcoming future should be a personal responsibility to make the not only your future but to help someone else’s. * In conclusion, although many people may not have organized priories or have a plan for their future and setting examples may not be a personal responsibility their life, because of their family foundation. Everyone is raised differently and have they own personal outlook on life.

A personal responsibility is how you wish as a person to achieve a success for what you believed in and how you accept your decision. Priories are a responsibility for staying focus and not letting distraction get in the way of your success. Having a plan for your future makes it a personal responsibility to know where you’re headed. Set goals for to become successful. Last but not lease showing an example for your future. Not only doing what’s best for you but what’s best for the next generation. Making history for the next person is a responsibility not just for you but for your generation, family, and community. A personal responsibility is what you believe is important to you.

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