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I. Market Segment
Greenwich is the Favorite ng Barkada. Beyond Every Pizza Box at Greenwich, you will find out that the joy does not end with the food we prepare. We make it a point to extend this feeling of warmth from our ovens to our service, and straight into the hearts of every Filipino. Greenwich has also invested in the continuous training of all our delivery personnel because we believe that every point of experience of the customer in the delivery process must be kept pleasant and courteous

Type: Subsidiary of Jollibee food corporations

We all know that Greenwich is the Philippines’ champ when it comes to pizza. Here, Filipinos and even other cultures enjoy delicious pizza that’s flavorful and filling. Greenwich is famous all over the land and is a preferred “tambayan” (place to hang out) by people. Here, get together and family moments are gladdening and satisfying. Being accommodating of the Greenwich personnel can also contribute to the satisfaction of the costumer.

II. Competitor Analysis


1. Yello Cab
Customers typically rebel against price increases by switching to competing products, but if a company has pricing power, customers will continue using Yellow cab pizza co.’s products and services. Bad acquisition can hurt Yellow cab pizza co. by increasing their costs and reducing the value of their combined businesses. Acquisitions can also distract from the core business and merge cultures that don’t complement each other.

2. Pizza hut
Pizza hut is the range of Italian food that it has. The pizza and pasta range is excellent and Pizza hut delivers on its promise of having an excellent Italian meal. pizza hut is that while maintaining its brand image, pizza hut is losing the turnover that it can generate by being present in B grade towns.

3. Shakey’s
When given a choice, customers are loyal to Shakey’s. Instead of targeting all customers, Shakey’s only needs to target new customers in order to grow their business. Weak customer service hurts Shakey’s’ reputation and causes customers to flee to competitors, who are more respondent.

4. Domino’s Pizza
Hold a strong brand image. Maintains a high of quality food and services. Allows the customer to design the pizza that they want. Product price are setting too high. All the food they provide usually high in calories. 5. Papa John’s Pizza

Good brand name and high brand loyalty. High quality Ingredients. Strong employee training program. Efficient restaurant layout. Limited menu items. Franchise management. Limited number of stores.

III. SWOT Analysis
Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty.
Innovative range of pizzas under one roof.
Hygienic food and quick service.
Sound financial situation and international turnover.
Good advertising and marketing.
Over 20,000 franchises around the world.
We will not be able to offer a huge variety of brands, and also we will start selling only the most popular drinks. Same problem with snacks. We will not be able to deliver the products all over the city and surroundings; in the beginning we will focus only in the area close to our store. Our prices are going to be higher than in the supermarket, due to the delivery service and the fuel prices. Opportunities

The delivery of alcoholic beverages and other articles it’s a not yet an exploited market. The long working schedules promote the success of this kind of market. The Spanish consuming habits encourage and increase the potential market. New competitors specialized on the same delivery might appear. The typical Chinese markets are highly expanded all over the city. If our advertisement is not good enough maybe not a lot of people will know our service and we won’t have many customers.

IV. Marketing Strategy
Product :
Greenwich offers you delicious food choices that have been prepared using high-quality ingredients and standards.

Our menu is filled with a wide variety of mouth-watering selections – from pizzas, pastas, chicken, rice dishes to desserts – that will make any meal a delightful shared experience.

We put the highest premium on our products to ensure that you get the taste that truly captures the feeling of delicious. Each one has gone through teams of experts that have been involved in developing the perfect taste that our customers will love to discover.

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