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Pop culture Essay Sample

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Pop culture Essay Sample

As one looks closely on what is pop-culture, one tends to realize the analysis on what is popular culture usually presents some interesting challenges. It is usually noticed that through pop-culture, performance through art, music, television programs and other viewings are usually emphasized. In this, popular culture can then be viewed as a performance which shapes and can be shaped by the audiences and performers. Hence culture is noted to be a powerful dynamic force, which constantly changes in response to the external and internal forces.

As one looks closely in an organization’s popular culture, one tends to realize that an organizational culture is usually defined by the process of modernization and globalization. These processes of modernization and globalization tend to provide an opportunity of culture flow in an organization. As I looked at the popular culture of an organization I came to realize that popular culture and organizational behavior tend to be mutually exclusive such that an organizational culture tends to influence the organizational behavior (Fedorak, 2009).

In my experience in an organization, I came to realize that an organizational popular culture is a very influential aspect to an organizations performance. This is because an organizational popular culture tends to not only influence even the management section of the organization but also the effectiveness of the organization’s performance. It is quite evident that people behave and react to situations according to their set culture or norms. In this, an organizational popular culture which is mostly influenced by both internal and external factors tends to also play a major role in the productivity of an organization due to the influence on organizational behavior. Managers and CEO’s of organizations therefore ought to notice the popular culture in their organizations which might influence the organizational productivity (Sinha, 2008).

On a closer look on what is popular culture, I came to ask myself, “Why do academics study the representation of management in pop culture?” my answer to this question was based on the fact that popular culture is associated with the everyday activities and the mainstreams which are easily accessible. In this, one tends to realize that academics tend to take a keen interest on popular culture to try to know how people get to assimilate to that particular culture and also how it becomes popular. Quite often popular culture is usually produced for mass consumption and hence conveyed through the various mass media channels. It is also realized that the media not only spreads the popular culture but it is also responsible for the production of popular culture especially the culture of language through the coining of particular words and phrases which might rise social interests (Danesi, 2012).

In my analysis of scholarly point of view on popular culture I came to note that organizations often tend to perform their duties and activities based on the popular organizational culture. In this, one will tend to find that two different firms having the same way of performing their duties and activities majorly based on the popular culture that is trending among organizations (Rhodes, 2008).

In conclusion, one would say that organizations that tend to adopt the popular culture that is trending among organizations in the same field tend to be predictable and hence providing higher chances for completion. In this, a unique company with its own unique culture might prove to be successful especially if it performs its management functions which are success oriented. Hence this is why many companies look for new ideas which are not popular e.g., the apprentice, which is a program which shows how managers are selected based on their unique business ideas (Broome, 2011).


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