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PostQuick Computing Project Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Subjects Page Number

1. Design

* Definition of Data requirements

* User interface design

* method of data entry

* record structure,file organisation

and processing

* security and integrity of data

* system design

2. Implementation(testing)

* Hard copy to prove correct

Working of system

* Hard copy of solution

1. Definition of Data requirements

The Following data is required for this PostQuick project

* Customer Name

* Customer Identification number

* Parcel length

* Parcel breadth

* Parcel height

* Parcel weight

* Consignment Number

* Number of parcels

* Description of Parcelsand other required fileds I have used.

2. User Interface design

I designed my project on visual basics 6.0, and the benefit I found in Visual Basics as compared to other software was that Visual Basics is user friendly. Anyone can use it by clicking certain buttons, and on the other hand other software packages such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel require a bit of knowledge before using them. To make my own project using visual basics, I first designed my form on the paper, which gave me a rough idea about how my project form would look like. This is also attached with my documentation.

I designed my project by prototyping, and made my form using these things

* A set of screen that shows the user what might be possible

* A system with limited functionality

* An existing system that might be modified

For my human-computer interface (HCI), I used graphical user Interface (GUI) which is used in Microsoft windows .My form had certain buttons which could be used by clicking the mouse and some text boxes in which data was entered using keyboard. I think that the advantage of this type of interface is this that

* It is easy to use

* In my form no one needs special instruction

The disadvantage of GUI is

* It uses a lot of processing power

* It requires good graphical display

* It uses a lot of processing power

* It uses a lot of memory and disk space

3. Method of Data Entry, including Validation

As said before that my form had certain buttons and these buttons could be used by clicking the mouse and some text boxes in which data was entered using keyboard. I declared each data type with certain specific data type, and checked that if I entered wrong data type then it would not work. The method of data entry is also shown in implementation. The program contains three forms. The main form, which is named input form, is the start-up form. This is the data entry form for all the data, which is entered for a particular assignment. The method of entering data is as follows.

Consignment No: These are self-generated. Numbers, its enabled property is false. User has no control on entering its data.

Customer Name destination and client address will be entered in respective columns. Afterwards the informatio

n of the first parcel of the consignment will be filled (i.e. the whole form will be filled).

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style="text-align: justify;">If there are more then one parcel required to be entered for the same consignment then add new parcel button is pressed for the parcel, and after each parcel entry of the consignment” data entry complete” button will be pressed

For a separate consignment”new consignment button “is required to be pressed.

It was part of validation of the project that, the minimum weight of the parcel should not be less then 1 kg. If it does then the message box would appear saying that too less weight in the parcel.

Second validation was that the weight of the parcels should not exceed 30 kg, if it does then the message box would appear saying, too much weight of the parcel”

The third Validation was that the maximum dimension of the parcel i.e. (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 3 m, if it does then the message box would appear saying “too big Parcel to send”.

The fourth validation was that the maximum weight of consignment must not exceed 200 kg, if it does then the message box would appear saying” too much weight of the consignment”

4. Record structure, file organisation and processing:-

The file for the database of the consignments for the Parcel Company is saved as a record structure and saved only for the consignments for one day. It includes the data and information required for the parcels in consignments. It is a record file so it cannot be changed, but the database is changed everyday because each day different consignments are sent to the Parcel Company. The database is linked with Visual basics form, and the file of database is stored as a Microsoft access file. For the backup the file is saved in the floppy so if the actual program in the processor is altered, we can bring back the old one.

There are four files that I used for my project one was the form file, named as input parcel, and two forms were for the price list, the Access file linked to database, named as, payslip database which has two databases linked to each other.

The actual processing carried out by the program is arithmetic operation, in other words calculation is being carried out, but the bigger companies can use CLOCK SYSTEM, which would be more economical for them.

5. Security and integration of Data

Security is the most important thing, because if your data is not secured properly from unauthorised hands then anyone could change your data and could change your project; I therefore kept the project under a password

So no one could change or alter my project. If someone did change my database then I could use my backup to restore it from the floppy in which I’ve kept the backup file so if the actual program in the processor is altered, we can bring back the old one. I also protected my data, by using the menu button in the visual basics. If you go to the text box, u click on it and then click text box protect enable force and in this way I can protect my text.

I also made sure that when data is entered it is entered accurately and I checked that when I was entering data, no one enters anything.

6. System design:-

For documenting my project I used

* System flow charts-It describes the flow of data around the system. This method uses rectangle to denote some process that takes place, as descriptive symbols to describe the storage or input/output of data. An arrow describes the direction of flow of the data.

* Structure diagrams-These are a mean of showing the design of a program or a systemic consists of charts showing the system or programs broken down into number of levels.

* Hierarchy charts-these can be used to show menu hierarchy or a directory hierarchy

* Data model:-

* A data model represents the relationship between different parts of a database. It consists of entities (data items) and relationship. The entities are shown as rectangles and the relationship are drawn as lines that connect entities.

System Flow Chart (describing the flow of data around the system)

Parcelquick Company

Aqsa Bano Raja

12 s


Structure Diagram

The hierarchy

Hierarchy diagram


The project that I have made for PostQuick Company can be implemented either as a whole or in parts. The problem maybe that an organisation cannot change instantly to a new method of working as existing records will have to be entered into computer and this may take some time. There are two main approaches to this

* Implement the system department by department

* Dual run the new system alongside the old system

The two databases below are linked to Visual basics6.0 forms

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