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Introduction of TOPIC

Being supported through a shared lives arrangement means that an individual is not isolated and left to manage alone, improving mental health and well-being. All carers meet minimum standards of care, accessing additional training where required, therefore, there is always someone around who is able to give advice when necessary and people can learn from each other, promoting independent living skills and realising ambitions and potential.

Person centred support is shown when the individual has input into his own care planning. Regular house meetings are held so service users can express their feelings and requirements on how the home is run, including such things as menu planners and activities so that they are living the life they want, having choices and being in control. This enhances their confidence, promoting skills and independence.

One of our service users requires extra support with finances when saving to go on holiday,

with his agreement, a plan is made of how much money to put away each week at the same time as having weekly spends. He is learning these skills in a safe environment until he feels confident enough to be able to, one day, move out and live independently.

To be able to work with our service users in care, all carers are DBS checked and are required to follow a minimum standard of care as set out in a Code of Practice issued by the Care Council for Wales. All workplace policies and procedures are built around legislations and Code of Practice guidelines upon which our job descriptions are based.

As a social care worker I am, therefore, accountable for the quality of my work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving my knowledge and skills. Currently I am working on QCF L3 and, whilst reading and researching, have gained knowledge of different aspects of care.

Reflecting on events that take place in our setting can occasionally point to a need of knowing more about a certain situation. Besides in house training which is updated regularly I have recently asked if I could access a foot care course, to enable me to carry out foot care within our houses to eliminate the cost of employing from outside the company and, of course, for personal development.

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