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Problems faced by students while studying Essay Sample

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Problems faced by students while studying Essay Sample

Students all over the world face a number of problems which dishearten them. It leads to sheer desperation among the student community giving rise to student unrest. Student life has probably become more difficult than at any time before. There are so many issues they have to deal with – study, time, money, relationships, job hopes, and more. Parents previous experience and education does not always equip them in dealing with such pressures. Many students will not admit their problems due to various reasons and this affects their Future Prospects. And over a period of time these can badly hamper a students psyche. Usually students face general symptoms of emotional imbalances as part of growing up as adolescents and these become more pronounced because of the hectic student life. All such negativeness can be effectively controlled with the aid of participation right from the Parents to Education Ministers.

Problems faced by the students

New-Admits or Transferred Students think about how they will handle the school environment with other students and teachers. They are more concerned with such issues instead of studying which hampers their performance.

Today’s students are burdened with loads to study. Study curriculum has become more extensive and complex than ever before. They not only carry ever increasing weight of study material on their shoulders but they also carry the burden of intensive study even after they have left the classroom.

Some students come from weaker sections of the society and financial situation in their house is not good enough. If a student is not financially equipped, it may obstruct his/her study especially if hunger is craving their stomach.

Perhaps one of the hardest things in life is coping with illness and pain. In some ways, it can be even harder when a student has to look after a loved one who is ill, than with our own illness.

Rise in the School Expenditure becomes a problem for parents who have to shell out a large sum of money just to make their child, a Student. Sometimes this problem passes onto the students when they are reminded that their education is draining a lot of money.

Another major problem is Competition.Students are afraid of failing. They are afraid of letting their parents and family down. Those who are studying at school know very well that the time of exams is very stressful and difficult. Some people find exam time so bad that they become ill, both mentally and / or physically.

Sex is powerful and it can be dangerous, if it does not run in the correct channels, and if safety procedures are not used. Many of the problems about sex come because of ignorance. Students do not understand the purpose of sex, and how it should be used. The effects of internet pornography, magazines, films, TV, books, and advertisements has created a wrong picture of sex. Young people are under great pressure to have sex experience before they are ready for it.

Another major problem faced by many students is Bullying. Seniors and other students often have the habit of dominating a new comer or someone they don’t like. Such behaviour leaves strong mental scars on the mind of the students.

Some students develop an addiction for Drugs, drinks and smoke. They want to experience and experiment such activities but they don’t realise the harmful effects are often irreversible.

Suicide is a very grave problem which needs special attention. Low percentage, failure, harsh punishment, bullying etc. are the leading causes.

Lack of quality education also affects many as it provides students with inferior tools to establish themselves in the world.

Rape is another malice. Though not common but it is none the less a serious issue especially for the affected ones’

Pass Outs worry about their decisions regarding courses they will take and whether they will like it or not or whether they have made the rigt choice.

Weakness in certain disciplines is common problem faced bu the majority. Genuine hatred for certain subjects like Maths and Ineffective teaching methods of certain teachers are the leading causes.

Certain schools favour their own particular community. Unfair advantage is given which also creates a negative mentality for the victim.

Possible Solutions

Parents and Teachers should teach students to balance fun and work. So that they can handle social pressures, taking too many classes, alcohol/drugs, etc.

Counselling on Sex related matters. Education through various mediums like audio visual, special helplines can curb the dangers of pregnancy and diseases.

Rape victims need to get professional help immediately. Various Organizations help such victims to regain their balance in the society. Effective punishment is needed to be given to the offender.

If exams are really making you ill, worried, or depressed, don’t hide your feelings. Talk to someone about it. In some cultures, people think it is wrong to share their feelings and worries with others. But this is the only way to get help. In Britain, there is a saying, ‘A problem shared is a problem halved.’ So one must find someone to talk to about these problems.

When feeling like committing a suicide you can speak to a friend, or someone in your family. Or teachers at your place of study. Or a doctor. If one person doesn’t help you, ask someone else. One can also seek a professional help.

Having belief and faith in God is an effective solution to student’s problems. Belief in a God that seems far away but one that is actually close to them, a real friend. Someone who understands how they feel, who gives them real inner strength and peace.

Bullying can be prevented by keeping a close eye on the movements of the students. Responsible students can also prevent and inform about such incidents.

Encouraging extra curricular activities in an entertaining way can take the attention of students from harmful substances. Also effective education on the effects of these substances can also be done.

Special laws and regulations need to be enforced to make sure that all sections of society are getting quality education.

Concessions and other benefits need to be provided for the weaker sections of the society.

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