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Procedural Message Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Would it be nice to live in a world that is environmentally friendly? Living in a world that is environmentally friendly reduces the impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. So working for a company that provides our customers with innovative ways to become more environmentally friendly, we as employees should definitely be an example.

After doing some research, I notice that our consumers are not as interested in our products and services as they were when the company was founded. I have also notice that our sales have slightly decreased throughout the years. So how can the company develop ways that will bring our customers the excitement they once knew; while benefiting the company, increasing sales, and boosting employee morale?

I am sure that everyone is not interested in

creating a more environmentally friendly environment, but for those who participate will be offered

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incentives that will motivate you to adopt the process. Not only us as individuals, but I would like to propose that the company found ways to show our customers that we practice what we preach.

I have been in meetings with businesses in the community, as well as gathered consumer information that will promote the company for what we offer. After being out in the field, I spoke with Bob at Bob Burgess dealership and his company is interested in partnering with us. They are willing to offer the company and employee discounts on their hybrid vehicles. This will not only benefit the car dealership, it will also benefit EBG.

I will be in meeting with Corporate and management over the next few weeks to provide information on the benefits of partnering with Bob Byrd and how it can benefit the company, increase sales, and regain our customers’ rap pore.

We don’t want to lose our customer base that we have worked so hard to establish, so moving forward, we need to practice what we preach. We need to show our customers that we have their best interest in the forefront. Our goal is to work together as a team and incorporate ways that we can implement new and innovative techniques to keep the company at a steady increase.

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