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Process Design Matrix Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This executive summary will assist in identifying the design aspect of the service and product of choice. For this summary, the service that will be reviewed is that of travel agents providing corporate clients with the necessary service to ensure smooth travel plans via telephone calls. The product chosen will be that of the telephones that are used to speak with the clients. The process design aspects that will be discussed are strategy, process design approach, process performance measurement, and scheduling. Service

The strategy for employees receiving the phone calls from the corporate clients is to provide exceptional customer service to each client. If this aspect of the phone call is done accordingly, it will decrease the amount of times a client needs to call back to complete their travel itinerary. The ability to provide a call that marks every aspect of the quality expected from the employees will ensure an increase in positive surveys, a decrease in customer service issues, and an increase in overall satisfaction which leads to higher profits.

Process Design Approach
The design approach to this is the personal attention approach. The ability to create a rapport between the travel agent and the client is imperative for repeat business. This is when the personal attention approach is necessary. This would be done by the agent making sure the frequent flyer number is added to the reservation or that the preferred seating is requested.

Process Performance Measurement
The approach taken for performance measurements is call monitoring a set

amount of calls a month. This is used as a training tool to increase the agents’ awareness of what

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areas of the calls can go smoother. In having a smooth call, it increases satisfaction with the clients. The performance measurement can also be determined by the amount of calls or transactions per month an employee has. This means that if an employee has high call handling and knows what they are doing then the number of transactions will be higher than those that need more guidance.

The scheduling for travel agents in a call center are determined based on call volume expected, amount of agents on vacation, as well as expected call outs. Having the ability to set a great schedule will ensure enough coverage and calls answered within the contractually agreed times.

When thinking of a service or product one thing to remember is that product design will “differ significantly depending on the industry,” (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p.66). This is why for every business a different approach is taken. The telephones that are used are a product that is needed to complete the servicing aspect of a travel agency. Strategy

The strategy that is used for the telephone line is to ensure those employees that are compiling the telephone are properly trained. If the employees are not trained accordingly, the quality of the product will be bad and companies that purchase this product will return them. Process Design Approach

As for the process design approach to the product is to ensure the assembly line approach is taken. In maintaining a full stock of telephones, the company can fill any last minute orders or emergencies for the companies they provide the product for. Process Performance Measurement

The process performance measurement in a telephone factory would be to gauge the employees based on the amount of telephones completed for delivery that meet quality inspection. Scheduling
The amount of employees set on the schedule for the factory will depend on the time of year, historical sales and upcoming contract deadlines.

Overall the approaches to service and product are different the bottom line is the same which is quality and customer service. The customer service can be towards actual clients as well as employees. Each company must treat the service or product differently and tailor it to the needs of the business but overall they work hand in hand to create a better future for any industry.


Jacobs, F.R. & Chase, R. (2011). Operations and Supply Chain Management (13th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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