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Provide Leadership Across The Organisation Free Essay Sample

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Provide Leadership Across The Organisation Free Essay Sample

PURA has been a corporation in the Brisbane area for the last 30 years and has increasingly expanded during that time. At present, PURA’s base is in Brisbane with a workforce of 180 employees. Our staff of 10-12-man team is assigned in the software department. This team improves and sustains all the specialized software for the firm. This software development team has become the moneymaking segment of the company.

Nevertheless, the structure and work practices in this area of expertise diverge from the practices carried on by the rest of the staff in the organization. The company implements job sharing, adaptable work shifts and casual attire on the job. Thus the company Board has settled on creating a new company known as PURA-IT, which is a part of the PURA group. The software team will transfer to the new site at Brisbane City Council Green Square, which is just within the vicinity from the head office, a fifteen-minute walking distance between the two sites. All the facilities and services have been structured for the premises and a small group from the administrative staff will meet managerial needs. These individuals will work directly with the CEO. The new CEO will be the senior manager from the existing business and I will remain the team leader.


The different groups affected by this change are as follows:

Support Staff



Have to adjust to the new work surroundings
Change from adaptable hours to fixed hours
Accept new work contracts
Move to new sites
Work for a minor company

Customers & Vendors:

Have to mingle with a minor company
Current clients of the new firm
Have to re-sign contracts with the new company


Have to guarantee backing/provision in all aspects
Have to make certain availability of staff when necessary
Have to restructure policies and procedures when necessary
Have to stipulate signing bonus and retention bonus as assured

Risk Management

We followed the 5-step risk management procedure:

Identify risk
Assess the risk
Decide to control
Implement control measure
Monitor and review

This helps us to identify the following risks and methods to overcome them:

Identify risk
Assess risk particulars
Recommendation/Protective measures
Implement control
Monitor and review
Damage to business due to employee attrition
Weak employee morale/doubtful in employment due to brief employment contracts Persistent communication and support

Modification in work atmosphere
Employee guidance with implication on establishing a team culture to oppose other risk and bring productivity

Market risk
New individual may face strong competition from the current market leader Attention on modernization
Segregate the products
Backing from PURA group


Dear all,

I know everyone of you is being mindful, with your support and devotedness for the last thirty years; PURA is now the prominent engineering company in Brisbane. Nevertheless, this moment is the right time for us to begin another era in our past.

At this time, there is a greater demand for software designers. We have a minor enthusiastic team of software development staff, which we must observe to expand to meet the ever-growing market demand. We have come to the decision to form a new firm under PURA authority. This company will operate independently and will be known as PURA-IT. The new location will be at Fortitude Valley that is nearby from the main office.

No modifications will be done in terms of employee and management. The current senior manager at PURA will be will be the new CEO of the firm. The personnel will start their job at new site by signing a12-month employment contract. Part of the accommodation is to provide every employee bonuses for joining and staying on for the first successful year of contract completion at PURA-IT.

We are confident that this agenda is vital to meet the increasing demand that is owed to the growing technology. Our new group will concentrate and will be resourceful and innovative in providing customer’s needs and demands. In this manner, it will assist us to reach our goal to be the foremost engineering firm in Australia. Our staff will have the double chance of making it good in their respected professions and their familiarity with work milieu and structure.

We will use the state-of-the-art technology in our new business to stay viable and deliver the finest imaginable services to our customers. The superiority in technology will let us discover new prospects and drive us beyond. We value your endless support and we hope all the best in our new business venture.

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