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A good story is always fresh in a person’s mind, no matter how long ago they read it. A memorable story contains a good storyline, developing characters, a climatic moment, and usually a blissful conclusion. Stories have timeless lessons that can teach us something valuable. Such a story for me is PS, I Love You.

This book is about a married couple named Gerry Clarke and Holly Kennedy. They met through mutual friends in high school. The two became sweethearts and eventually married. Gerry and Holly realized they had met their soul mate. Gerry promised Holly that if he ever left her, he would leave a list.

After fifteen years of blissful marriage, the dreams of Gerry and Holly are shattered when Gerry visits the doctor. Recently, he had been complaining about terrible headaches. The doctor originally thought Gerry needed glasses, however the couple later found out he was suffering from a brain tumor.

After living a year with a brain tumor, Gerry takes his last breath. Holly is now left all alone to deal with her loss. The only way she knows how to cope is to surround herself with Gerry’s possessions.

Two months after Gerry’s death, Holly receives a phone call from her mother saying there is an envelope addressed to her. Eventually she plucks up the courage to retrieve the envelope. She immediately recognizes Gerry’s handwriting, and knows it is “The List.”

He also leaves a note explaining there is a note for each month of the coming year. He says she must obey whatever is written. Gerry signs each note, “PS, I Love You.”

We are taken through the next ten months of Holly’s life without Gerry. Daily, Holly faces challenges set by both Gerry and herself. She is able to overcome these challenges with the help of her friends and family. Each time Holly opens a new note, she feels Gerry within herself.

The last note of Gerry’s has the greatest impact on Holly. Gerry’s last note reads, “Do not be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you… and remember, shoot for the moon. PS, I will always love you.” This reminds Holly even though Gerry is gone, he will be part of her memories. Gerry was only a chapter in her life; Holly finally realizes life will go on with Gerry.

I enjoyed this book very much. It was a touching, but heartbreaking story. The main themes in this story include marriage, friendship, grieving, hope, and death.

I am not able to comprehend with Holly. I could never imagine losing my husband before my thirtieth birthday. I would be a mess! I would be asking so many questions. For example, I would wonder why he had to die and leave me. I would why I did not go. I would feel my life would not be worth living.

I truly admire Holly. At times, she mirrors a grieving widow; however, she is brave throughout the whole ordeal. Holly tries her best to live her life without Gerry but at times, it can be difficult.

PS, I Love You is a truly remarkable book. It causes me to think. I realize I do not know the time I will die or others around me. Life is precious and I should live my life to the fullest because I do not know when I will leave this world.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading chick lit. Once you begin reading, you are enthralled in Holly’s life from the start. You will laugh and cry as you read about Holly’s life during the next ten months after Gerry’s death.

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