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A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating mental disorders. Psychiatrist can prescribe medication and can use a combination of treatment such as, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, behavioral counseling, and in-patient care.

It takes many years of education and training to become a psychiatrist. The first step is high school. You should take as many science classes as possible, such as biology, chemistry, and physics so you’re prepared for medical school. Also it is very important to keep a high grade point average so you can get into a good college.

To become a psychiatrist you will need four years of college to earn an undergraduate degree. Then four years of medical school where you will learn about basic subjects that are needed to become a doctor. Three to eight years of Psychiatric Residency, hospitals training in psychiatry were you work with patients and practice the skills learned during medical school. The last thing to do is earn a physiatrist license by passing the written exam. Also during this schooling you will take many exams such as the MCAT Medical College Administration Test and the USMLE United States Medical License Exam.

You can further you education in psychiatry by doing Fellowship Training. It is optional but very useful for psychiatrists who want to go into a specific field. There are many different fields of psychiatry that you can branch into after all of your schooling. Some of them include Forensic Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Emergency Psychiatry, and more.

The salary for psychiatrist depends on their education and experience. Almost half of all physiatrist earn between 150,000 to 200,000 per year. Experienced and talented psychiatrists can earn more than 200,000 per year. But if you are a psychiatrist who doesn’t have much experience you will probably start off with 50,000 to 80,000 per year.

There are personal qualities and skills needed to become a psychiatrist. You have to be emotionally stable, and be able to make important decisions quickly. You need good listening, reading, and writing skills. Also you must be dedicated, curious about what the patients have to stay, and understanding.

There are many pros and cons to becoming a psychiatrist. Some pros are you get to help people with there problems and feel rewarded for making a positive affect on someone’s life, there are many different fields of psychiatry so you have a lot of options for exactly what type you want to be, and you get paid a nice amount of money. The cons are, it can be depressing to hear someone’s problems all day, having so much responsibility over people can be stressful, also it takes a lot of money and schooling to become a psychiatrist.

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