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We all think differently and I’m here to show you and try to convince you to see the other side. To see why public humiliation is wrong and shouldn’t be done. Everybody has their opinions. But sometimes we all need to look at things from the other perspective. I don’t think that public humiliation should be used as a form of punishment. If you are punishing and humiliatingcriminals in the public you will satisfy all types of people who enjoy sadistic performances, all that we had in medieval times where public punishments were celebrated like a happy festival. Everybody can imagine which type of people would enjoy such a public celebration and a society does not become more peaceful but more aggressive. In all western constitutions there is the most important value the dignity of men. Even a criminal is a human being with a dignity Punishment is a form of learning a lesson from the wrong that you have done.

Jail is a place to think things over, to understand your wrong doings. Punishment for a child is sticking them in the corner, so they can think about what they did and realize not to do it again, and after punishment comes the “I’m sorry” and “I won’t do it again”…public humiliation doesn’t solve any problem, it only strips everything away from the person…and makes them hate the people even more, making them want to retaliate and commit more wrongs. You want to punish somebody let them think about what they did, or punish them in a way that creates understanding. Now if they humiliated somebody in front of a crowd…it could be a just punishment, so they can feel and understand the humiliation.

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