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Grading Criteria:
P2: Identify public perception about science.

P3: Explain how the media has influenced public perception of science.

M2: Explain whether concerns raised about science in the media are justified.

D2: Analyse whether the media makes a positive contribution to the public’s perception of Science.

You are a science journalist working for a well-known newspaper group taking part in a recorded public debate on the way in which science is reported in the media. You are asked to comment on some specific science reports which have made headlines recently.

Task 1:
Produce a questionnaire and use it on a wide audience from different backgrounds which will enable you to identify how the public perceive science (P2)
Choose a well-known scientific article, film or documentary, dating back no more than 10 years and write a report explaining how it has influenced the public’s perception of science. (P3)

Task3: Produce a PowerPoint which:
a) Gathers together a number of headline reports for one science topic from a variety of sources and lists their concerns. b) Explains whether or not these concerns raised in the reports are justified, by looking at the scientific explanations within them. (M2) c) Analyses information in this unit and other extensive research to help you decide if the media reports on scientific issues are constructive or destructive. (D2)

You must use a range of sources to obtain your information. These sources must be considered academic sources (please do not use wikis and non-scientifically supported sites or articles).

You must list the sources of information you have used to complete your work in a reference section at the end of your work.

Remember to reference all illustrations.

Complete all tasks to your best standard; avoid copying of text straight from textbooks or other sources as this amounts to plagiarism, which results in failing the assignment.

You have 11 Days to complete this piece of work.

If you do not understand any tasks or parts of tasks – ASK. Tutors are here to support you. My direct line is 0161 785 4324 and my e mail address is [email protected]

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