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Discuss the importance of integrating the voice of the customer into all decisions under the concept of Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

The voice of the customer is the starting point for producing a product the customer wants and needs. Under the concept of the QFD, the voice of the customer is the basic outline of the product the customer wants. From there, the design experts elaborate on the customers’ specifications and build on them. It is important that they pay attention to every detail to be sure that the product they deliver meets and exceeds customer expectations. It is important that the designers and engineers are in touch with the customers’ desires for a product.

How might today’s technology, such as the Internet, be used to understand the voice of the customer?

The internet is an extremely valuable tool in understanding the voice of the customer. With all of the social media outlets, customers are making their voices heard. The internet also makes it easy for companies to keep in touch with customers and potential customers, while allowing them to respond in their own time. It’s not like in years past when someone may call on the phone at a bad time; now an email can be sent and the customers can respond at a time convenient for them.

Determine an example of reengineering by an aviation/aerospace company that can provide dramatic improvements in the profitability of the company and satisfaction to the customer.

A good example is the one that is currently underway at the company I work for. The company is reengineering the company’s Intranet/Information systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The upper management has chosen to implement SAP to connect all aspects of the company; accounting, manufacturing, aircraft services, supply inventory, and customer resource management (CRM). Implementing this new information system (IS) will allow the different parts of the company to operate as one, by allowing the various modules in SAP to communicate and exchange data. SAP will replace all of the outdated and splintered software the company currently uses by allowing easier communication between the departments and the programs that are used.

The change was started about three years ago and will be completed in about two years for a total of five years to complete and be fully implemented. Connecting all of the different departments will save a tremendous amount of money for the company. Reengineering the IS systems will allow the sales department and customer representatives more easy access to the customer’s information, such as current and future orders, current aircraft service status or new aircraft delivery time; thereby increasing the customers value and customer satisfaction. Collier, David A. and Evans, James R. (2013). OM: Student Edition. Mason, OH: South- Western Cengage Learning

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