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Landslide Limousine has given us the opportunity to help them develop their recruitment and selection strategies. Recruiting and selecting the right candidate can be a very overwhelming process. In this document I have put together a series of recommendation that I believe will help the process become a lot less stressful. My recommendation will cover the following areas

• Organizational goals
• Forecasted demographic changes
• Workforce diversity objectives
• Organizational branding
• Methods for recruiting Candidates
• Methods for screening Candidates
• Methods for selecting Candidates

Organizational Goals
As specified in the past by Mr. Bradley Stonefield goals for his limousine business is as followed he requires 25 employees, with an anticipated revenue of -$50,000 in the first year, and expected yearly revenue growth of 5%. Expecting annual turnover of 10%, and maintaining an expected yearly revenue growth of 5% . With those goals, selecting the most qualified candidates will assist the organization in offering quality services to clients and will in return add value to the organization in the future. Allowing Mr. Stonefield to meet his organizational goals.

Forecasted demographic changes
In today’s society, with various changes occurring in demographics because of globalization it is important to focus on a more diverse workplace. Managing a more diverse workplace may cause challenges. However it will benefit the company by offering the opportunity to obtain and influence well experienced potential employees. With the proper recruitment and selection strategies Landslide Limousine Services can compete with other competitors by providing customers with quality service. It is recommended for the company to hire the most competent candidates as well as offer a reward and compensation plan to award the organizations most talented.

Workforce diversity objectives
As stated before, the workforce must be diverse in today business market. Having versatile employees will not only help Landslide Limousine comply with the Equal Opportunity Employment Act, additionally will also make the organization much more attractive to a wider range of clients. In order to succeed in the next 5 years Landslide Limousine must be able to adapt to the constant demographic changes. Increasing the diversity pool maybe challenging but will definitely help Landslide Limousine achieve their organizational goals. Some of the advantages Landslide Limousine may see are increase in productivity. Diversity brings different talents together working towards a common goal using different sets of skills that ignites their loyalty and increases their retention and productivity. Increased creativity and problem solving, with so many different and diverse minds coming together many more solutions will arise as every individual brings in their way of thinking, operating and solving problems and decision making. Furthermore it can significantly increases market share while creating a more satisfied diverse customer base by relating to people from different backgrounds.

Organizational branding
Branding by definition is the intangible outward expression projected by an organization. A business brand is a product of an organization’s strategy, mission, image, and activities. Organizational brands distinguish businesses from their competitors, aligning the organization in the minds of customers and employees, and create a perception of what the organization stands for. I believe Landslide Limousine should market themselves as an executive and entertainment service company. That way it can attract both exclusive and socialite clients, making the business more attractive during recruiting.

Methods for recruiting Candidates
Since Landslide Limousine is a start up small business it has not established internal workforces. Therefore all of Landslide Limousine’s recruitment will have to be external. Some methods to consider when recruiting externally are adverting, staffing agencies, schools and recommendations. Advertising is one of the most common and popular methods of external recruitment under which the job vacancy is announced through different print and electronic media. When the qualified and experienced employees are not obtained from other sources, advertisement method is used to attract the best qualified and experienced personnel. Usually, most of senior positions in an organization are filled using this method. The job description and specifications are specified in the advertisement and provide self-screening. Staffing agencies run by private or public companies are an important source of recruitment for unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled jobs. The agencies are likely to have a list of qualified candidates in their records, and they provide their service as per the requirement from other organizations for employment.

There are many advantages of using a staffing agency, they will provide Landslide Limousine with a quick start-up staff and can feel out the employee before making him/ her a permanent employee. Downside includes paying a premium price to staffing agency. Schools are another method of external recruitment, educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities offer opportunities for recruiting fresh candidates. Most educational institutions provide placement services where the prospective recruiters can review credentials and interview the interested graduates. I would advise using this method for the administrative department. It will ensure that you will be getting the most knowledgable candidates for the positions. Recruiting from a limousine driving school will also ensure that Landslide Limousine will get the most qualified drivers in the area. Lastly recommendations under this method of external recruitment, applicants are introduced by friends and relatives. I must advise that utilizing this method can be tedious, and stressful, but one of the least expensive method of external recruiting.

Methods for screening Candidates
Screening a potential candidate for a position can be performed using varies methods. My recommendation for Landslide Limousine is to used a 3-step process. first step is to review the resumes. When looking at the resumes, keep a close eye on skills such as education and relevant experience that closely match the requirements of the position. Review their last three to five years of job duties and compare these with the job description. Pay close attention to long gaps in employment and job hopping. By performing this first step you will be able to quick eliminate candidates that do not meet the companies expectations. Once you have reviewed all the resumes, screen the candidates by phone. The phone interview serves two purposes it verifies the candidate is active and available and It helps you learn about the candidate’s verbal communication skills and ability to answer interview questions. This is especially important information for jobs that require advanced customer service skills such as limousine drivers and sales representatives.

Final step is once you have completed the phone interviews, you are ready to sort the candidates. Typically, this involves the following creating a shortlist of five to ten potential candidates for review by the hiring manager. Set your recommendations and insights for the hiring manager and have the hiring manager review the resumes to select the interviewing candidates. As a remind questions asked during the screening phase shall comply with Equal Opportunity Act. This means you cannot ask questions person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. If you feel that you are not sure please feel free to refer to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1964.

Methods for selecting Candidates
After the intensive recruiting and screening process you have narrowed down your potential future employees. Now it is time to select the right candidate, there are mainly two step method that can be used when selecting the candidate and finalizing the hiring process. Step one is using the fact sheet, this is when you have a rubric of the necessary skills need to do the job, one would ask themselves does the candidate meet all the criteria required to properly perform the job. Such as education, work experience and capability of performing the job task. The second step is to bring a candidate in and have them perform the work sample test. These test questions may vary from performing a task to role playing how they would address an issue or perform a task.

Once you have selected a candidate, you call those candidates who were selected within one week from the initial interview and screen phase, to let them know if they were hired. Please also keep in mind that during the selection phase you must comply continue to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1964. Discrimination in the workplace is a big issue, in order to avoid any issue we encourage diversity.

Theses recommendation for each area addressed are the avenues of approach I would suggest Landslide Limousine to used based on our history of business development. These recommendations are a guideline that will ensure that Landslide Limousine has a successful recruitment and selection strategy when it comes to bring in new staff members.

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