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Customer Service Department has received complaints regarding services, systems and conditions of Hurrah Airlines. The aim of this report is to summarize weak spots in Hurrah Airlines’ customer service and to make recommendations to its improvement with minimum costs.

This report will include:
a short summary of the most frequent complaints regarding Hurrah Airlines’ services; recommendations for an improvement of customer service of Hurrah Airlines.

Hurrah Airlines’ Customer Service Department received complains, short summaries of which are provided in a table below.

Received complaints
Baggage claim
Passenger appealed for help regarding this matter to desk in London airport. Ticket booking service
Passenger wanted to change his flights via phone and e-mail, however, he was forced to change them in the airport, where he got to pay a penalty as the new booking had to be made within 14 days of the earlier booking. Seat allocation

Received a complained from a passenger regarding seat allocation service, paying for which she did not get a seat she pre-booked. Policy regarding passengers with special needs
Passenger submitted a complaint regarding him being charged for the rent of a wheelchair to get him on the airplane. Ticket refund
Received a complaint regarding a refund for cancelled flight. Food and service aboard
A passenger complained about the quality of food and service aboard.

Luggage over-weight
Received a complaint about over-weighted luggage charge system.

Most of the passengers’ complaints are about quality of customer service and extra services, which are not included in ticket and are charged for. The improvements of these areas are essential in terms of satisfying out customers and remaining their loyalty.

It is recommended that in order to improve the quality of customer services under low costs, the company should develop a strategy of gradual improvement, which includes following suggestions: 1. Adaptations of new policy of guarantee of pre-ordered seats, as passengers are charged for this service. 2. Developing/improvement of a system which allows customers to submit/specify their special needs during ticket purchase. 3. An introduction of a new flexible system of charges for oversized and overweight baggage/luggage. 4. Informing passengers about re-booking and/or cancelling conditions and charges.

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