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Good Morning students, teachers and administration. As some of you may know & if you don’t, My name is Earisanne Collie and I am one of the members of the Better ME, Better COMET Committee, who will be conducting this morning’s assembly. Our theme and word of the month is RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility is defined as moral, legal or mental accountability and to be responsible, basically means being able to make rational and moral decisions.

An excellent quote is taken from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and states “I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word and thought throughout our lives.” What this is saying is that everything we do, say or think comes with consequences that can affect our school, home, community or even country in either a negative or positive way.

Jazmin illustrated what a student should not be doing during the school term. The path that she is currently following is something that is NOT new to us; in fact some may even be in this position at this very moment: Worrying about the homework that was not completed for first lesson or the test that YOU forgot to study for. These decisions determine your grades, grade point average and external test scores. If she were to prioritize like Jamie, she would not be barely passing classes and losing her assignments.

Today we are encouraging you to organize yourselves so that you remain on top of your work at ALL times and to realize what is important. Friends and Social Media will always be there and as hard this may be to believe, the truth is, you will NOT die if you leave tweeting, instagramming and whatsapping till the weekend. Trust me! It will ALL be worth it. Kaitlyn will now come with some points on how to become an organized and responsible QC comet.

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