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Introduction of TOPIC

“All of us have experienced air pollution. Perhaps riding in a jeepney, we see a bus pass by with a trail of heavy block smoke or you may have seen the smoke attack of a factory emitting this black smoke. But even in rural areas, air pollution may be present volcanic eruptions, dusty roads or burning of trash are sources of pollution.”

The factories, motor vehicles, volcanic eruptions, dust from soil and trash from the garbages are some of the sources of air pollution. It may lead to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and the respiratory diseases and coronary disease to human.

Clean air is important to all living things. Lately, the air around us that cities and industrial centers has been found to be contaminated with poisonous gases and other harmful materials. Substances other than what is normally present in clean air are called “air pollutant”.

Significance of the study
In towns and cities with many people, there are many vehicles like jeepneys, cars.

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