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As an example of a business management study case, the Roaring Dragon Hotel case provided a lot of business principles for anyone who is trying to learn it. One of the most impressive lessons taught by the study case is changing things that are bad but that do not equals copying. Being a five star international Chinese hotel, understanding the local culture and current situation is crucial for success whereas,

success whereas, blindly applying hotel management skills would be unwise. The Hotel International organization tried to use typical western styled human resources management skills such as applying new standards. Though it sounded like a brilliant plan, yet, it somehow backfired and caused to hotel to suffer a loss of profit. Firstly, by taking these two into consideration and using a more subtle way to handle the staff members, instead of just firing them, the morale of the company would surely be better, and that will lead to a better production of the hotel.

A stable atmosphere between the employers and employees creates a good working culture. For example, the firing of older and redundant staff is obsolete, and using their knowledge as senior employees would help advance and stabilize the morale of the company. The reemployment of 60 employees is evidence that this is a smart management choice (Grainger, 2008). Secondly, if HI can reconsider the current situation with RDH and deal with Nu Fu travel agency in a different way, it will only strengthen the financial support of RDH. Though, following the rules is right, but considerations are needed for the current situation and consequential outcome.

Lastly, with HI’s management, each and every department has their own duty and obligation, yet with a low occupancy rate, would the hotel really need that many departments? Shouldn’t it be better to employ more managers when the hotel is gaining more profit? In conclusion, despite the effort put in by HI trying to improve the profit of Roaring Dragon Hotel, they have failed to take into account the diversity of the culture within the company that they newly acquired.

Though, having a wealth of international experience of handling and managing hotels, they seem to underestimate their ability and using only known solutions to solve different situations. Precedent solutions can only be used as a reference in the business world and I highly believe that that each situation cannot be dealt with the same way. Each situation must be analyzed and be put into deep consideration for a desirable outcome. Finally, being highly on top of the glass ceiling is probably what caused such a problem to begin with those who are on top of the food chain should really have a better understanding of those who are working of them.

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Grainger, S. (2008). Roaring dragon hotel. London, Canada: Ivey Publishing.

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