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1.How does SAS motivate its employees?
Answer: The institute ensures that the employees have a good working atmosphere. Employees are motivated by the work they perform. They motivate the employees by making them more interested and involved in the work that they are doing. They allow the employees to be swapped internally so that the people will be able to learn new things at the same time they will also be interested more when they are doing different jobs than doing the same job repeatedly. The employees are involved more in the activities of the company and this ensures that they feel that they are more valued in the institute and perform their work more effectively. The employees are given freedom to take their own schedules. 2.What factors are likely to contribute to intrinsic motivation at SAS? Answer: The working environment and the wok that the employees do itself is considered to be a motivating factor for the employees.

The employees are recognized for the work that the carry out by boasting them internally. Employees are motivated by providing them extra payment and bonuses. They are also provided with incentives and other offers like private offices, separate cabins are provided for the employees. 3.What factors are likely to contribute to extrinsic motivation at SAS? Answer: The institute also cares about the families and the personal benefits of the employees. Employees have access to the latest technology. Summer camps are provided to the employees along with the employees. They are given additional facility for childcare with separate location. Cafeterias are provided to the employees with high standard quality so that the employees can have their lunch with their children itself. 4. How might SAS’s long-term focus affect employee

Answer: The long-term focus affects the employees because the institute invests more on the research and development department of the company. When most of the companies had to reduce their labor with the advancement of technology, SAS did not follow the pattern instead claimed that they needed the labor for the development of the research and development sector of the organization. The employees also fail to master themselves in a particular process because they keep shifting their jobs and are not fixed in a particular process.

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