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Determination and dedication are the two words that best define my approach to life. My success comes from this determination and the dedication used as an input to achieve my dreams that I carried since I was a child. My current academic success at Joliet Junior College focus has been centered on providing the best future for my family and myself. By being awarded the Dr. Daniel Gutierrez scholarship it will contribute towards achieving my academic, professional and personal goals. I grew up in a little town called Villa Juarez Astos., Aguascalientes, Mexico where my parents worked feverishly to provide opportunity for my sisters and me. I knew that someday I would endeavor a professional life with the discipline, work ethic, moral and religious way of life taught me by my parents. Today, I attend Joliet Junior College majoring in accounting.

My goal is to become a CPA and work at the Federal Reserve Bank. Amongst seven members in my family I am the first one to go to college. My academic financial need is very deep. In order for me to go to college, I started working in a super market as a cashier. Two and a half years was the time I needed to get the money together to start my education. Currently, I clerk, translate and bookkeep 20 to 25 hours a week in an office, yet again at minimum wage but I am gaining office and business experience which will help in future. I have been nominated for student leadership, invited to Phi Theta Kappa honors society but do not have the funds to join. I have provided community service at places in need such as The Spanish Community Center, and church Our Lady of Mount Carmelo.

Tremendous needs exist in the Hispanic community and servicing at the Hispanic Community Center has been my best vehicle to give back some of which I have received, this being a most powerful reason to serve. From the above, I believe it demonstrates my determination and dedication towards a clearly defined goal, and being awarded the Dr. Daniel Gutierrez would provide valuable economic support towards achieving my goals. I petition the reviewer of this application to assist in fulfilling my need, enabling a continuance of academic learning with tuition assistance.

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