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In persuasive essay try to convince a reader to adopt your opinion or consider an idea from different angle. When writing a narrative essay, you should aim describe an idea in a story-telling manner. For expository essay you have to provide facts and arguments to fully investigate your idea.

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A Great Friend

Walking past the unclean roads, I came across my new school, Hamilton Community College. Moving from London, Leicester was like chalk and cheese. I reminisced back to my …

The School Life

My school life was great; when I look back at myself …I’m proud off how far I have Journeyed from year seven, right until year ten. That’s where …

What do Jem and Scout Discover about Atticus in Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, Jem and Scout go through a phase where they’re ashamed of their father, as everyone else’s fathers are achievers, while Atticus has no attribute with …

Communication in School

In this report I will be investigating the different ways in which the school communicate internally and externally. Internal communication refers to how the school communicate with teachers …

ICT – St Catherine’s School Budget Using a Database

There are also extra actives available such as yoga, riding, jazz dance and street dance, and music lessons. These are all added as extras to the girls bills.

The Advertisement for Balcarras School an Effective Publication

Titles and Headlines Titles and headlines contribute towards making this advertisement effective because they are vivid, bold and particularly striking. The headlines are aimed to capture the …

How is ICT Used in Schools and What are the Effects?

Introduction I have chosen to do a report on the effect on schools and colleges. I chose this topic because I attend school every day and I …

Dubai English School

In today’s world, the policy of bigger is better certainly does apply to all companies and institutions. However any company or institution would always have a large amount …

The Warwick School

Warwick School has 30 free places to fill at 13+ level. The school needs to produce a leaflet to promote the school, and making it inviting for prospective …

Heath Mount School

Heath Mount school is located in the beautiful grounds of watton-at-stone. It is roughly halfway between Hertford and Stevenage. Below you can see a picture of the school, …

How I Use ICT at Home and at School

ICT plays a big role in the lives of millions of people around the world, as it does to mine. I am certain that personally could not live …

Do Microclimates Exist Around Dulwich College Grounds?

Microclimates are small areas which have a different climate from the surrounding areas. Microclimates can be created by many things. The surface of a place can affect its …

The St Catherine’s

The times I had run down the path leading to castle beach were too many to recall, armed with bucket and spade, fishing net and anything else my …

Analyze the Traditional Documentary and the Docusoap

Ingredients of Documentaries As with all programmes on the television documentaries and docusoaps have many ingredients. Many of these we don’t realise as we are watching our …

A Life in the Day

Norbert Krysa, 14, lives in Slough, Berkshire along with his mum, dad and brother. He plays football for a local team and enjoys going to watch speedway in …
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