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School uniforms have become a popular trend amongst schools. Students and most parents don’t agree with the enforcement of uniforms, many students state that uniforms take away the right of self-expression (“School uniforms challenge the need for self-expression). In my opinion school uniforms is not a bad idea. Yes, uniform may limit what students have to choose to wear to school every day, but it doesn’t limit them from learning. Students treat school as a red carpet, so eliminating the fashion show puts student’s full focus on academics. Although requiring school uniforms violate self-expression, Uniforms should be looked upon as a positive solution for many reasons. Uniforms can help parents save money, identify students from outsider, and avoid bullying.

Requiring school uniforms eliminates bullying; bullies usually tease kids based on what they wear. There will be no room to tease kids because everyone will be dressed the same, leaving less room to get picked on. Bullies won’t have the need to pick on someone as much if everyone is wearing the exact clothing. When people all look the same, there will be nothing other kids can point out and make fun of. School uniforms provide a more bully free zone environment for students.

Enforcing uniforms in school erase the line between social classes. Usually high class students wear the most expensive clothes, and the name brand shoes. When the lower class would be wearing the latest brand in their nearest Wal-Mart. Uniforms will bring the high and low class together, everyone will be wearing the same brand of clothes from the same few stores. Nobody would be able to determine what social class you are in. Everyone would all blend in together and be at the same level, no high class or lower class dividing the students.

Uniforms instill a sense of pride among the students as they dress in a professional manner. Uniforms make it easy to identify students from outsider or any strangers. By enforcing uniforms gang banging will not occur as much as it do with no uniform policy. Uniforms gives students a sense of safety knowing that everyone that are dress in uniform belong at the school, whether then a school with no uniform policy with students dressed in any clothing not knowing for sure who goes to the school.

Overall, school uniforms are a good idea to have. This argument whether or not school uniforms should be enforce in school will never end. There seem to be more positive outlook than negative on school that has uniforms. Having school uniforms eliminates bullies that tease kids based on what they wear. Separate social class, defiantly when it determines the brand of clothing a person wear. Last but not least uniforms protect student from outsiders.

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