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Would you like to be kept in a restricting cage all day long, or for any amount of time at that matter? Animals should not be restricted to a small cage for any amount of time, it can affect their health, cleanliness, and their overall well-being. For us humans to be doing this to animals is not fair at all.

Animals shouldn’t be kept in cages because of their mental health. It can cause them to be stressed out. Mental health isn’t just an issue for humans but also for all types of animals and the confinement of the cages could increase the risk of stress in these animals. Separation from their families could scare them and make them panic. Depression could actually cause weight loss and make them very physically healthy also.

If animals aren’t physically healthy they may not be healthy for us to eat. Causing us to be sick because we decided to cage the animals so they don’t have their natural selection of foods. So now animals being kept in cages is affecting us and our own health because we are consuming an unhealthy product. Animals shouldn’t be kept in cages not only because of their health but also our own.

If animals are unhealthy their reproduction could be altered making their eggs unhealthy to consume or as bad as the young dying before birth because of improper feeding. The natural environment is best for us, reproduction and the animal itself. Consuming the caged animals could make us sick and unhealthy, The animals aren’t happy. So caging them is one of the worst things we can do for ourselves and for the animals.

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