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There are many ideas on social injustice such as tradition, instinct/evolution, lack of responsibility, inability to think for oneself, fear of being in the minority and free will. But one of these is more responsible for social injustice than another. In my personal opinion I think that they’re all equal but in this world that we live in things happen more than the other.

I think free will is the most responsible for social injustice because they know what they’re doing to the minorities but they choose to do it. They aren’t told to hate the minorities nor are they told to love them so in a way they don’t know what they’re doing but they know what they’re doing is wrong. I also think free will is the most responsible for social injustice because people are allowed to do it even though its not necessarily right. Instinct or evolution is the second most responsible for social injustice because it is instinct to naturally hate other people. It could be that one in a million times it’s a minority and since there are several billion people it happens a lot that people hate people for no reason besides instinct. It might not be everyones instinct to hate one another but the majority of the world’s instinct is that so that does make up a lot of social injustice.

Tradition is another high one that is responsible for social injustice not everyone is mean. If everyone is mean then they would teach their children to be mean to other people. Since not everyone is mean then that means theres not much social injustice because of tradition. A majority of this world is either nice or neutral but not mean and to prove this is to look around. If everyone were to be mean then there would be a lot of problems with someone but you hardly hear complaining about someone. Fear of being in the minority is one that isn’t the most responsible for social injustice because not everyone thinks about it that certain way.

Most people have tons of friends that are minorities so theres not really a big problem. Maybe a little bit of people would fear being in the minority but overall this isn’t the biggest problem. The inability to think for oneself is one of the least ideas for social injustice because not many people have problems thinking for themselves. There might be those people who can’t think twice about something but thats only on some occasions. When you say you can’t think for yourself then its a constant thing and not many people experience that so once again this is a very low responsibility in my opinion.

Lack of responsibility is the least responsible because everyone is taught responsibility at least once in their life. It may not stick in a certain someones head but for others it will. As for the others, they were taught responsibility at least more than once so it wouldn’t affect as much either. They’ve been taught that you shouldn’t hate on a certain race just for fun and if not then they’ve been taught that you should learn to love one another.

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