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Social Research Essay Sample

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Social Research Essay Sample

     It is of best interest that we conduct a form of study methods which will allow us to gather some more details about our research procedures. In line with this, I would like to provide you some details on how we can gather data both from qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

     A survey research is one important application in the world of social research (Trochim, 2006). Many fields of studies use the technique to gather data. For quantitative research surveys, the use of questionnaire is a norm. It is possible to utilize specific answer formats using pre-defined answers which the respondents can choose from. A Likert Scale can also be used which presents a multi-scale option for the respondents (Uebersax, 2006). This kind of scale can measure the preferential attitude of the subjects according to how they rank and arrange their thoughts about a particular set of possible answers for a given question. Therefore, we can easily define a limited number of responses for tabulation which can make our researching more efficient.

     On the other hand, we can utilize a qualitative approach of surveying by sending out questionnaires which have open ended questions like ‘What effects has the activity done to you?’ or ‘Who influenced you to do the act?’ are designed to extract full and meaningful answers form the respondents (Wavelength Media). It may be difficult to stratify the answers from open-ended questions but using this technique can open up for more avenues as to what the population thinks and feels about a particular subject under study.

     Although there are complete differences between the qualitative and quantitative approaches of data gathering, it is possible for us to employ a combination approach to maximize our time and energy resources in researching. A single set of questionnaire can involve questions both open-ended questions and scaled inquiries. To guide you further on how to create these types of questions, the following links maybe of great help.




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