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Solutions for Corruption in Corrections Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Corruption in corrections is not a new discussion. It has been evident since the establishment. Corruption refers to illegal use of rightful authority. Simply, corruption can be classified as behaviors that abuses one’s control or rather power. Essentially, officers working in correctional departments often encounter conditions that may cause them to use their power and act illegally. Drug dealing and bribery are common conditions that officers in this field encounter (Kleinig, 2001). Unfortunately, this environment may force correctional department workers to involve themselves in corruption activities. In a broad spectrum, controlling corruption in prisons is a difficult goal to achieve. However, various measures have been put in place to reduce it significantly.

Fundamental ideas such as training officers are imperative in preventing widespread activities of corruption in corrections. Training involves instilling integrity values and professional code of conduct to ensure proper character (Swanson et al, 2008). Instilling morals and law enforcement code of ethics to officers enhances their commitment while in the line of duty. In addition, the initiative helps the officers to undertake their duties with integrity while adhering to the set standards and as per the law. Better remuneration is another solution to corruption in corrections. According to Kleinig, (2001), when workers are provided with better payments, they tend to execute their duties as required and do not involve themselves in corruption activities.

Establishment of anti-corruption committee is another essential solution to corruption in corrections (Co

le & Gertz, 2011). In this case, the committee is mandated to investigate and act accordingly if

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they find incidences of corruption within corrections (Kleinig, 2001). Similarly, anti-corruption procedures and policies should be enacted and implemented in corrections as a way of preventions or rather curbing corruption cases.

Key recommendations to address the corruption occurring in the police and correctional systems with explanations on why the recommendation is valuable

There are several key recommendation that can be adopted by correctional and police departments in addressing the issue of corruption. These include;

Enhancing the overall standards of management in correctional and police departments. This is because, the prerequisite is imperative in ensuring effective administration that thereafter ensures elimination of corruption loopholes within the systems (Cole & Gertz, 2011).

Introduction of training and development programs that seek to ensure and enhance integrity within police and correctional departments (Swanson et al, 2008). The initiative would be of great importance to corrections and police systems as it will ensure a way of instilling good character among the officers.

Corrections and police systems should establish anti-corruption committees. Establishment of such committee would ensure mechanisms of investigating corruption cases within the departments (Swanson et al, 2008). In addition, the anti-corruption committee would be mandated to act accordingly in case they suspect an officer is involved in corruption activities.

Police and correction departments should establish anti-corruption policies and procedures (Swanson et al, 2008). Establishment of such policies and procedures would enable the systems to curb corruption in an effective manner.

Ensuring better remuneration is another key step that should be adopted and implemented by corrections and police systems. In this case, the systems should make certain that officers are well paid to prevent them from engaging in corruption activities which are believed to be as a result of poor remuneration (Swanson et al, 2008).

Ensuring a comprehensive and well planned selection and recruitment process (Cole & Gertz, 2011). This initiative is imperative as it ensures selection of officers with good character and eliminates those who are identified to have strange behaviors.


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