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Toilet paper. To some, it is just a thankless object, but to me, it is a precious commodity. Years before I discovered a blank canvas and paintbrush, toilet paper was the medium I used for my artistic creations. You see, my mother would allow only one Barbie doll, and this doll had only one outfit. A boring Barbie doll was not acceptable to an imaginative 4-year-old girl, so I came up with a clever solution! I started to design my doll clothes using omnipresent toilet paper. Roll by roll, I wrapped the doll and made her an exciting wardrobe. Today, I smile every time I see toilet paper because it takes me back to that little girl with that big imagination.

My creativity and imagination has been my compass in life. In grade school, I won first place in a statewide art contest, and again in high school. While other kids watched cartoons, I drew my own. My vacations consisted of summer art programs and late night art projects. In business, I utilized my creativity to transform the window displays for clothing and jewelry businesses, which, in turn, attracted new customers, thereby helping make those businesses very successful. In the academic world, I designed posters for scientific conferences, which attracted attention from lucrative investors. In my personal life, I was trusted to creatively design beautiful weddings for my friends, the most important day of their lives. A world full of art is a very happy place, and my life is testament to this statement.

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