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Song Essays


The song “Going Back to Cali”

Lyrical allusions enables the composer to refer to something, such as a place, event or an individual. The reference can either be real or imaginary. The purpose of the allusion reference is to broaden the understanding of the reader of

How Music Affects Your Productivity

Songs are a great way to express one’s self through lyrics. I believe this can be the truest form of self-expression. There is such a wide variety of songs out there that there are many that one can relate to.

John Lennon’s ''Imagine''

Dramatic Situation John Lennon’s Imagine dramatizes the conflict between what he had perceived as a threatening world with what he had conceived as an ideal one. Isolating both heaven and earth which seemed to him as sources of fear and

Deviance in Music

The song “Mother’s Little Helper” by the Rolling Stones is deviant because it criticizes the common practice of mothers taking mood-altering prescription drugs. The lyrics of this song warn that by taking pills to “help her on her way, get

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

             “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” begins with an overtly ironic gesture— the titular provocation stymied by an opening quotation from Dante’s “Inferno.” This irony poses an immediate thematic tension between the ideal (a “love song”) and the

“Ho Hey!” by The Lumineers Song

The title of the song I chose is, “Ho Hey!” written by The Lumineers. The Lumineers are an American folk group from California. The bandleader, Wesley Schultz, started off as an artist, drawing whatever he felt, and eventually replaced his

Tang and Song Dynasties Tecnological Developments

The Tang and Song dynasties were an era for many technological developments the most important of these are the invention of gunpowder and movable type. Movable type is the system of printing and typography that uses movable components to reproduce

An Analysis on Dashboard by Modest Mouse

When you initially hear a song it is often difficult to understand the meaning of the song, and even in some cases the lyrics. This is where music videos can be very helpful. They put a story line with the

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