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I’m suppose to be giving a short speach about the places of interest in Penang Island.Please help to correct any mistakes or give any of your ideas to make this more interesting .

There are many interesting places in Penang Island.My family and I visited several of the interesting places there during the last school holidays.First we went to the Gurney Drive.The Gurney Drive is most famous for its hawker stalls offering a mouth-watering varieties of Penang specialties such as hokkien mee, asam laksa, sate, rojak and many more.Tourist usually stroll along this busy promenade after a hearty meal while enjoying the scenic view at sunset.

Next we went to the snake temple.The snake temple was built in 1850,dedicated to the deity,Chor Soo Kong.The venomous snakes seen coiled around the pillars, beams, and potted plants within the temple is rendered harmless by the smoke of the burning inscence.

My family and I also got to visit the famous Kek Lok Si Temple.The Kek Lok Si Temple stands majestically on a hill at Ayer Itam.It boasts its beautifully crafted Pagoda of Ten Thousand Bhuddas.

Last but not least,we went to Batu Feringgih.Batu Feringgih is simply a nice beach to go to.The white sand and the crystal clear sea water is what makes this place so speacial.Not to mention, I even got a chance to to go on one of the quick water sports which is jet skiing.

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