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Speech on Global Warming Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the recent past, you have read about natural disasters such as hurricanes on social or print media. Do you know what the major cause of these natural disasters is? Are you aware that we can reduce their occurrences and prevent the possible loss and damages? I will inform you about the cause of these calamities, some of their effects and show you how groups or individual efforts are important in countering these effects.

Many countries have suffered loss of properties and recorded large number of deaths, especially those living below the sea level for example the hurricane Katrina that was experienced in New Orleans, 2005. The storm left more than 1,836 people dead and it is assumed that it caused more than $ 81.2 billion loss (Kramer, 2009).

According to Lomborg (2013) world efforts to address climate change has cost it billions of dollars and it is expected to even rise to more than 1.5% of the global GDP by year 2025. This is a lot of money that could otherwise be used in other economic stimulus projects that could address food insecurity and global poverty.

There are several causes of climate change and most of them involve human beings. Hence, man has being the first enemy of climate change and so it is only through him that climate change can be addressed. Human beings have participated in cutting down of trees and emission of high carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere, which has caused global warming on the earth surface. According to research, global warming has been caused by increase in global temperatures, which in turn has resulted to melting of ice and rising of sea levels in most countries in the w

orld (Hoeppe, 2006). The rising sea levels and melting of ice has caused flooding, strong winds, and

hurricanes in some parts of the world that are accompanied by high losses.

According to American research scientists, climate warming in Europe is expected to cause heavy rainfall that might cause frequent and severe flooding across United Kingdom and other countries in Europe as the one experienced in UK in 2012 that cost more than $ 1.6 billion loss (Brown 2013). This means that other parts of the world such as American, Asia, Africa, and Australia risks such losses that result from global warming.

Therefore, global warming is a serious problem and it can affect anybody. Think of a situation that it affects you, your family or your relatives? It would affect you also. Hence, it is important to address the global warming problem in order to prevent loss from catastrophic disasters through individual or collective initiatives.

There are many ways that can be used to address the issue of global warming but the basic and the most economical is through tree planting trees and pushing for policies that would counter climate change. As individuals or groups, you should participate in tree planting to counter global gases and policies that limit carbon dioxide emission in the air as a way of reducing the gases in the atmosphere (Chhokar et al, 2011).

The reduced global gases in the atmosphere would reduce global temperatures and thus reducing melting of ice and rising of sea levels that have been the major cause of natural disasters. Reducing emission of global warming gases from manufacturing, coal, and mining industries will reduce global warming. Hence, policies that would limit amount of global gases released in the atmosphere will be a positive step towards fighting the climate change.

Now, that we know the causes of global warming, how it has caused losses in the world, and how it may affects us or our relatives in future, there is need to involve ourselves in activities that will prevent such losses. I believe that each person will make a move either individually or as a group to see that the problem of global warming is addressed. Thank you.


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